JW Expanded Volunteer Activities?

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  • JeffT
    I remember when I left JW mentally, one of the first things I wanted my family and I to do was volunteer at food banks and animal shelters.

    I donated blood. It seemed the best way to say "I'm not a JW anymore." I don't see this or anything like it, becoming commonplace for JW's.

  • EdLogan

    That would be fun.

    A lot of times I wished I could volunteer in such activities, but they looked at me like an apostate.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    They have to maintain this "us vs them" mentality.

    Opening up food pantry's and soup kitchens defeats that theology.

    I dont think that would ever work.

  • Dagney

    I don't think they would provide that sort of social service unless it was monetarily beneficial to them. It's not their way, ever.

    I still think these dress code and time reporting changes are a goodie tossed at the flock to keep them obedient and loyal. It's still a very closed community.

    The WBTS et al are takers, they are not givers...in the community or to the flock.

    Edited to add: Plus their goals are investments for the corporations, the real estate/studios/museums/org./teaching facilities are their write-offs, expenses. Outgoing $$ to needy have never been in the business plan.

  • Biahi

    They could open the Kingdom Halls on Saturday morning as a community food bank. Have the JWs donate the food, count the time as FS (pioneers), and put a tract inside each food bag. This would count as a charity. And, wouldn’t cost the Borg anything.

  • no-zombie


    While having a outward focused social ministry (like soup kitchens and other real charitable works) would clearly revalue Jehovah's Witnesses in the eyes of the wider community. Its unlikely in the near term (say within the next 10 years) to have the number of young people needed to do this work in a meaningful way. Because as we are well aware, we are an old peoples' religion.

    Thus the ability to implement this suggestion is just not possible and it will take a whole new generation of Witnesses (ones regrown or acquired in some other way) for it to be attempted.

    Its not to say that it isn't a good idea, but like some many of the Organization's other issues, due to the single bloody mindedness of the Governing Body's sole focus on the door-to-door work, it sort of idea is now far too late. Even to current push to rebrand Watchtower construction projects as an exciting career option to our youth (as banged on quite regularly by our video updates) doesn't seem to be working, judging by the continual effort the GB spends on these advertisements.

    But deep down, the core problem is that now after years of deliberate molding, Jehovah's Witnesses are selfish dependent children, not thinking Christians who look for ways to express their personal appreciation for God's kindnesses. And quite frankly, cultivating the real veneration Christ's qualities and the desire to obtain a mature conscience, is a much harder problem for the Governing Body, than dealing with a failed prophecy. No, not until they abandon King David as a roll model and start preaching the New Testament, will they see any change.

  • WingCommander

    Charity and outreach? Hahahahahahahahahaha!!! GET REAL!!!

    WatchTower is it's own favourite charity. No JW need to give time (or more importantly) MONEY to any other charity besides THEM.

    That shit will NEVER happen. EVER! Mark my words. That is nothing more than wishful thinking.

  • LongHairGal


    I agree the religion has No desire in its heart to do any of the above-mentioned real charity and truly emulate the religions of ‘Babylon the Great’ they used to knock all the time.. But, I wonder if they could be compelled to if their tax status was involved?

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    Maybe (needed) outreach to elderly members. Other activities open friendship with "worldly(tm)" dangerous people.

  • Dagney

    There was a poster I met here years ago that was assigned to a 3rd world country as a special pioneer. When they got there, the scales began to fall off their eyes as they observed what the JWs did for the communities and what other religious groups did. Yes there were bibles and religious teachings with the other groups. But they also brought with them "works" as in helping with real physical daily needs, food, housing etc.

    The SP could see the hypocrisy and returned to the states, started researching on this board, moved away from family and got a degree.

    I will never forget what I was told at 9/11. The WT buildings closed their gates to not let any outsiders in for water or shelter. I was told they said "you never know who you would be letting in."

    I hate this corporation.

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