Being cyber stalked by an elder - and how I dealt with it!๐Ÿ˜‰

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  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    "Fair point Simon. Perhaps "cyber-stalking" is the wrong expression. I'll accept that.

    I do think its odd that he just "liked" that one post. Nothing else.

    Maybe he is just saying "I know what you are up to!"

    I say "Good!".""

    I do know how 'sneaky' Eldubs can be.

    For example. We began our 'fade" and knew the meetings were shuffled around one weeknight. On the 'usual" evening which the meeting would be on, 2 eldubs came ringing our doorbell. This was also on chilly fall evening. Of course, we have a peephole on our door. We always use the peephole when answering our door because of some of the shady neighbours.( Didn't answer the door of course)

    Anyway, 2 eldubs came on regular meeting night, because of the 'shuffling of meeting nights'. Briefcases, long trench coats and 4-door shiny car. Almost looked like the secret-service, mafia what have you. Creepy.

    I just think that eldubs can be incredibly sneaky too, you never know, they can be very underhanded. You just don't know what methods they may employ to sniff-out PIMOs.

  • stillin

    Simply being curious about how your life is going is something! I had an elder stop by the other day to "encourage" me. He asked if I was doing my daily Bible reading. "No." But the conversation probably left him thinking, "Wow, so he has all that time now. No Bible reading, no meetings. No field service. He must be really enjoying himself these days."

    I appreciated the thought that he put into keeping me out of the eternal fires of Gehenna, though.

  • steve2

    One like and heโ€™s cyber-stalking you. Wow- Iโ€™d hate to think what youโ€™d accuse him of if he gave one dislike instead. Murderous intent?

  • sparrowdown

    So what, how to piss off a JW is to give zero f***s - they can't stand it, remember, they expect you to become "triggered" by their lurking.

  • jwfacts
    Iโ€™ve accidentally liked a photo, which turned out to be very awkward. Hopefully your elder is feeling the same way. ... It was a good photo though.
  • stuckinarut2

    Still no response from him.....

  • stuckinarut2


    He deleted his "like" from the post!!

    So he clearly got the message and felt awkward...and so has deleted the like. (I didn't even know it could be done)

    So I have deleted my comment from the post to him as well. Otherwise it would look odd having it there.

  • dubstepped

    Maybe it wasn't a power move then and just an honest slip of the finger. If it was a power move, why remove it? Who knows. It's funny though. I remember that my wife's mom accidentally liked one of her posts on social media months after we had been shunned. It's only normal for people that once cared to wonder how you're doing, but then others are just looking for dirt.

  • wozza

    Stuckinarut - Seems hard to believe it's "cyberstalking" if one thinks of the dark and extreme creepy things that go on.

    It is public,if your account is public, so many can look at an account but the problem I think is when others like this elder come along out of the blue with what MOTIVE? If it's to get something on you it's creepy but then it's up to you to ask yourself what limits you want on your account.

    You protect your data on your computer with an anti-virus program for instance.

    I got sick of Fakebook and it's motives so I ditched it.

    With data in mind I would like to relate an experience of mine that I am ashamed of. I started playing with computers back in the days of Microsoft DOS 5.0 with a brother and learned to hack computers .

    A few years later I was living north of Brisbane Australia and repaired computers, and sometimes would work on brothers computers though I tried to avoid working on JW comps. The presiding overseer would get me to work on his from time to time .One day he contacted me with another brother and said they needed help at this brothers house so I went here.

    What transpired was that his wife had left the brother and they wanted the family computer hacked to get dirt on his wife. This was in the 90's so the messaging programs were not what they are are today and I found encrypted data in the program and broke it to print out reams of conversations the sister had with a man in another state.( I can't believe I gave into them but they said they just wanted to know where she had taken off to as they had young children she left behind and Jehovahs would want this right?)

    So wrong but these were early days of privacy awareness and rights but I still feel like shit ,but I think this shows how careful we should be on the internet and who is following us.

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