any movies with prominent JW characters?

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  • Azalo

    ive seen the one with Kevin Costner. "perfect world" i think, any others?

  • Nosferatu

    The movie "Clue" had a guy playing a cop going undercover as a JW. He would knock on the door and say "The Kingdom of God is at hand!" while holding an Armageddon magazine.

  • berten

    If I'm not mistaken there was this woman in the movie "Blue Velvet" who pretended to be a JW,

    so as to be able to enter one's apartment...

  • joannadandy

    I can't think of any...quite a few come to mind with just the typical pot-shots at the door knocking.

    My guess is people don't know enough about them to write a character about one. And if they did--how boring. LOL!

    Actually--I think it could be interesting to have a JW character. Of course you know that movie would be banned outright as pure apostacy. *rubs chin*...I have always wanted to try my hand at a screenplay...

    My guess is, unless it was comedic--I doubt there would be much interest in a script of that two cents.

  • undercover

    I remember a lot of JWs being upset at that Kevin Costner movie. I thought it was a great movie though. It seemed pretty authentic in showing how a child thinks about being left out of the holidays and how a mother might be torn between saving her child by agreeing to let him trick or treat or not saving him by standing fast to the "no holidays" doctrine. I could find no fault with how the witnesses were portrayed in that movie. To me, the ones that complained obviously had their head in the sand and refused to see how they are viewed by everyone outside the religion.

    It's similar to the movie, Witness with Harrision Ford. I thought the movie portrayed the Amish fairly well, but I read that they were all upset about it. I never could figure out why.

  • RunningMan

    I will now demonstrate my knowledge of classy, Academy Award calibre filmmaking.

    In the movie "The Coneheads", David Spade and Chris Farley play FBI agents who impersonate JWs to knock on the door of the Conehead family.

  • Puternut

    Tomb Raider; Starring; Lara Croft.

    She has a 'heavenly' body and she's coming to save the world

  • undercover

    The scene in Airplane! where the guy is walking through the terminal and every religious nut known to man(at the time) kept accosting him. He punched, kicked and flipped everyone that approached him. I can't remember the exact dialogue but the guy that offered him a Watchtower got flipped, landed upright and offered him another magazine(maybe the Awake!) and then got punched. It was hilarious.

  • RunningMan

    Oh yes, and further to my highbrow entertainment selections, in one of the "Family Guy" episodes, Peter mentions that their neighborhood doesn't have a lot of problems, just Jemimah's Witnesses - then Aunt Jemimah appears at the window with a plate of pancakes and syrop. MMM, syrop. Anyway, the Family Guy has a few JW references sprinkled in.

  • Matty

    David Schwimmer briefly appears as a JW in the movie Love & Sex.

    Jehovah's Witnesses sometimes feature in horror flicks, usually because they inadvertently call on a raving mad psychopath. There?s a horror flick called "Skinned Alive", where a Jehovah's Witness, amongst others, gets, you guessed it, skinned alive! There is another movie called "Las Vegas Bloodbath" where another poor Witness gets wasted in an unpleasant way.

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