any movies with prominent JW characters?

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  • berten

    >I've never seen this but it came up on a search on the internet movie database.


    The movie is called "Uitgesloten" (Disfellowshiped).I've seen it on Dutch television and it gives

    a quite accurate picture on how the disfellowshiped are treated by JW's.

    As far as I know,this is the only movie where JW's are the main part o/t story...

  • CaptainSchmideo
    Yes, in "The Onion Field", one of the police officers is married to a Witness. The Witness wife doesn't actually appear in the book, but is just referenced. I don't know about the movie.

    In another Wambaugh novel, "The Choirboys", one of the cops in the story is in a miserable hen-pecked marriage to an overbearing "Jehovah's Witness wife"; In the course of the plot, one of the members of the squad has been playing a prank on the rest of the squad members, by having someone called "The Dragon Lady" making late night phone calls to them, talking "dirty" to them. This poor guy gets the call, gets all worked up, then tries to do something about it by trying to have sex with his "Jehovah's Witness wife", who hauls off and punches his lights out.

    There have been other Witness wives in his books, "Light and Shadows" had one, I believe. They are always portrayed in a negative light....

  • nilfun

    The film, Felicia's Journey has a JW-like character who actually uses pictures from the Live Forever book in her presentations.

  • NoBorg

    The simpsons, Reverand Lovejoy was a JW before he found this board online. Now that he knows the truth he dispenses troof to Springfeild and posts here as Minimus.

  • orangefatcat

    I remember one sitution is a Brit Movie, Craker ( roby coltranePsychologist) any way in this one show he was furious with his wife and her leaving him and anyway it was about his personal life in the show and the doorbell rang and he came flying down the stairs cursing if it were JWs at the door they'd be sorry. I likes his movies.

    And do you remember the show : "Get Christie Love", police woman extrodinairePolicewomanPolice Shield. Any way she did become a JW and she finished her contract to the studio and then you never here anything more about it. Until several yrs later the Awake magizine wrote an article about her, her career, and how she became a JW

    Love Orange fatcatGarfield

  • Heatmiser
    It's similar to the movie, Witness with Harrision Ford. I thought the movie portrayed the Amish fairly well, but I read that they were all upset about it. I never could figure out why.

    I wonder what the Amish thought of the movie Kingpin.

    I remember Saturday Night Live in the late 70's or early 80's did the Land Shark skit. This shark is going around knocking on doors and when someone opens the door he would eat them. Well one guy is ready and when his doorbell rings he asked who it was. A JW is on the other side of door. The housholder thinks it is the land shark lteeling a lie. So when he opens the door he clobbers the JW with a baseball bat or hammer.


  • jwsons

    I saw a typical elder in "Chocolat" Ilike John Depp in this movie


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