Preaching From The Platform While Secretly A Satanist

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  • Sandino

    I feel it's kinda, in a roundabout way similar to my situation, when I gave assignments from the stage. Everyone LOVED my illustrations, but what no one knew is that i had "borrowed" them from a sermon website, that was used by the enemy. Christendom.

  • Teufel

    I have a question. Were you an Elder ? MS?

    I was MS for a time. When i was a indoctrinated drone. But i came off before i woke up. Got fed up with being taken for granted for no appreciation.

  • Vidiot

    Is this really so surprising, people?

    Plenty here have argued that living and serving in the WT Society deftly prepares us for a life of denying the Christ (i.e. being "antichrist").

    Wouldn't "satanism" simply the next logical progression from that?


  • scratchme1010
    I realized i was a Satanist while a JW. I always felt closer to the character Satan in the bible than any other character. Here is Satan, a character who questions authority, who fights against a tyrannical god who kills at will. That, i think, is a person worthy of imitation. I did not think it healthy or wise to restrict my desires whether they be carnal or anything else. So many JWs are sexually repressed and fighting addictions to pornography, masturbation, fetishes, homosexual desires etc. I found that by indulging in whatever i wanted removed these. I learned that i either didn't like it, or i liked it very much so continued doing it. So i basically lived the life of a satanist while fading from the organization. I would give talks on the platform telling the audience what they'd want to hear, but include subtle hand gestures or words and i even had various tattoos under my cheap suit.

    First, welcome to the forum. Interesting story. I myself have thought of Satan the same way, but I personally don't have a lot of space in my life to dwell on it. I also have a hard time believing in Satan as it is too convenient of a character for the Bible and all that Jehovah crap make sense.

    Either way, welcome, and thanks for sharing.

  • pokemon55

    Hi Teyfel. I have a question.

    What do you mean by "what they'd want to hear, in this context?

    I would give talks on the platform telling the audience what they'd want to hear,

  • Teufel

    Hi Teyfel. I have a question.

    What do you mean by "what they'd want to hear, in this context?

    You know, like Jehovah being a god of love. 1914 being, like, totally true. This being a loving org.

  • atomant

    Hey teufel you better be careful when closing in prayer.You might slip up and say through satan and his demons amen.

  • knowsnothing1

    Hi Teufel, welcome to the forum!

    I'm fascinated by Satanists. They are an interesting and diverse group. I've seen Satanists seem to have a fascination with death and the occult. Do you relate? I see you have the tarot card of death as your avatar.

  • jws

    Interesting. Not sure I'd agree. There are lots of characters in literature and other forms of storytelling. Just because I might like, say Luke Skywalker's character, I don't become a Skywalkerist. Especially if you don't believe Satan is real.

    So does giving into your desires mean that, if some day you woke up and wanted to go on a shooting rampage, you would? Or felt like cheating on your wife/girlfriend/S.O.?

    It's almost as if you're saying there's no right, no wrong. It's whatever you feel like doing. That's something I don't think most atheists would even believe in. I don't believe in all of the stupid restrictions Christians place on people.

    But in general, if it hurts somebody (physically, emotionally, financially), to me, that's wrong. Like if I'm in a relationship, I'm not going to cheat because that could hurt my S.O. emotionally. I'm not going to steal because that would hurt another financially. I'm not going to slap somebody for being ignorant because that would hurt them physically. Although all of these things may be desires that cross my mind from time to time.

  • Diogenesister

    Why doesn't Satan write his own book and dish the dirt...I bet he's got a bucketload!

    I always presumed he was just too much of a gent to do that.

    By the way, apart from Stephen ( a naive innocent,like me) I always identified with Judas in the bible. I mean he's the ultimate sacrifice. Someone had to do it, didn't they? Without Judas, who gave up his everlasting life, Jesus would never have been the sacrifice. And since he was only sleeping for parts of 3 days - a blink of the eye if you are billions of years old - in order to rule as king, he's golden really, wouldn't you say? Not much of a sacrifice. But Judas, he's done for forever PLUS his reputation is in tatters, particularly if he did the Christian thing and offered himself up as the martyr.Something witnesses would never do as proved by the fact they would rarther shun their kids than risk losing paradise by loving them and trying to win them over.

    Yes, I belong to The church of Judas!!

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