60 years of SMURFS ...

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  • Diogenesister
    Blown away remember it well. It was the mid 80s. A meme went around about a smurf getting up during the meeting and driving the car home and other silly shit.

    We heard it got up during the meeting and walked out, too. Said " I'm not listening to this shit"

    Pretty smart if you ask me.

  • Listener
    The idea that a smurf doll got up and walked out of a KH is beyond belief simply for the fact that we weren't allowed toys in the KH.
  • scary21

    They were in the bed sheets I tell ya!

  • smiddy3

    Yes the smurf B.S. reached Australia too as well as backward masking and Kiss recordings .

    The Beatles never escaped backward masking fear either

    My young son was a real fan of KISS and of course I did the dutiful thing of getting rid of his records.

    Their was also the fear of picking up items from garage sales and opportunity shops / second hand stalls and the like.

    I think many of the J.W`s feared Satan more than they did Jehovah LOL

  • ttdtt

    Did anyone go through the COs saying that Disney is bad - and that Beauty and the Beast was promoting bestiality?

  • blownaway

    TTDTT, never heard exactly that. But when I was in Arcadia cong in the mid 80s in Florida, there was one particularly self righteous idiot who worked as a dog catcher for a while then carpet layer, that would get all ticked off if anyone ever went to Disney for a weekend and missed service and meetings. He was from NY and was such a douche nozzle.

  • ttdtt

    Joe Tucker I think was the CO who was down on Disney and thought Bell would want to make girls bang their dogs :)

  • TD

    How about the idea that the Procter & Gamble logo was Satanic? Did JW's buy into that one too?

  • ttdtt

    I really never heard that one.

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