60 years of SMURFS ...

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  • wozza

    Running through Kingdom Halls Near You!!

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    Just a funny thought wozza maybe this coming Halloween we could all put a cut out figure of a Smurf at each kingdom Hall in each of our towns. Nothing written on it just a nice looking Smurf. Let us know what Smurf you use. Lol. I can't believe I believed this nonsense at one time. Still Totally ADD

  • zeb

    what is this about smurfs running through kh. I must have missed that chapter of wt life.

  • wozza

    Still totally ......love to put a big smurf sticker on the local KH sign or even better have a walking smurf toy walk down the isle so wicked ,some one tell me off!

    Zeb if you search this site you'll find some interesting smurf JW legends ,the demunz were in them I tell ya!

  • zeb

    Hey that is serious s***. If i strangle a smurf how do i know its dead?

  • ttdtt

    Cant believe how far and wide that BS spread.

    I am east coast, did it reach west coast too?

  • Diogenesister

    Ttdtt It reached the UK and Europe!!

    I think because surfs were one of the first worldwide KIDS craze, a cartoon with little people that spoke ( well, little men and one smurfette it was 60 years ago) and of course that was ' fun', which is not allowed for JW children.

  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog
    If i strangle a smurf how do i know its dead?

    You need to burn it . . . But it WON'T BURN!!

  • blownaway

    I remember it well. It was the mid 80s. A meme went around about a smurf getting up during the meeting and driving the car home and other silly shit. In the Arcadia Congregation in Florida one parent brought their little girl in Smurf PJs and you would have thought it was kiddy porn the way the others acted about it. One Brother who was a bit on the fringe would wear a Smurf pin under his lapel. The stories grew and got more weird, they were little demons. Look at how the JWs treated Poor Old Spurlock the wizard. LMAO

  • Are you serious
    Are you serious

    Oh yes ttdtt, the West coast didn't escape the craziness.

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