60 years of SMURFS ...

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  • Vidiot

    Smurfobia was just the unique JW strain of the 80s' "Satanic Panic".

    Personally, I thought it was stupid even back then*...

    ...older dyed-in-the-wool Dubs were completely freaked out about it (along with Dungeons and Dragons), and frankly, I was relieved when both crazes petered out, just so they'd finally shut up about it.

    "Backmasking", too...

    ...CDs became common, and the panicmongers barely had a leg to stand on, 'cause you couldn't play 'em backwards (even if you wanted to).


    * I always suspected the anecdotes about "demonized" Smurf dolls started out as a deliberate bullshit story some young JW prankster started just to see how many dumbass loyalists would actually believe it.

  • TD

    The Smurfs are another curious example of JW susceptibility to the phobias of other religions.

    The 60's belief that demons could inadvertently be brought into your home viw inanimate objects did not originate with the JW's' and neither did the belief that Smurfs are Satanic. --But JW's accepted both, hook, line and sinker.

  • Dunedain

    Lol, i remember hearing this same bullshit too. I recall hearing it when i was like 8 or 9 years old. The young daughter of the sister whos house my book study was held at, first told me about it. She was 10 years old btw, which at least we were children ourselves. She told me that she heard that a smurf toy/doll got up during a meeting and walked around, and after it left you could hear La La La La La La.

    Even my 8 year old brain back then, knew that it couldnt be true. Looking back, being that this girl was 2 years older than me, and when you are 10 and 8, thats a big deal during those ages, i think she was trying to scare me, and see if i was gonna get scared of the story, lol. In fact, i remember she told me in her room, after the book study was over, and it was just me and her in her bedroom, and she turned the lights off to tell the "scary Smurf" story, lol.

    The crazy part is that we as kids kinda figured it was a joke, but actual adult JWs BELIEVED it to be true, lol. Crazy indeed.

  • dropoffyourkeylee

    Oddly, I was around in the 80’s and my kidswatched the Smurfs,and the demon story never got around to us (mid west US)

  • AverageJoe1

    Their phobias spread to music too. I know JWs whomstill wont listen to KISS as they think the band name means “Kids In Satan’s Service”. All the other freaky small Bible following religions started that one and the WT jumped straight on the bandwagon.

    Nowadays you can refute those myths by searching the Net but the JWs still stick to their old superstitions.

  • joe134cd
    Did any body see that you tube video of that lady who took her daughter to the Memorial dressed in a smurf costume, and smurf doll. She filmed her running down the isle of the Kingdom Hall. There was a sister playing with the child with the smurf doll. Then during the memorial she stood up and told the congregation what she thought of them.
  • TD

    I know JWs whomstill wont listen to KISS as they think the band name means “Kids In Satan’s Service”. All the other freaky small Bible following religions started that one and the WT jumped straight on the bandwagon.

    Yes! Or backwards masking like on the ELO Time LP and half a dozen others back then. I'm not sure if JW's bought into that one or not, but the idea was that your brain was defenseless to (Satanic) messages if they were played backwards.

  • Listener

    Yes Joe, this was done by a Youtuber called Apostates anonymous aka smurf girl. She claims to have started the whole rumour. She also says that she was used by the GB to Chanel through automatic writing when she was young.

  • Whynot

    I remember a recorded talk circulating in the Spanish congregations of a Circuit Overseer back in the 80s. I heard it several times throughout years. He mentioned the Smurfs, in Spanish Petufos, and he said that they're demonic and children have seen them talking, walking and dancing . I was extremely upset about it because I was a HUGE Smurfs fan omg! Anyway, the circuit overseer became an apostate and JWs started claiming that the recorded tapes were possesed by demons and we should throw it away. So yeah, that was interesting.

  • pale.emperor

    The smurph myth reached us here in liverpool, UK too. Same story of one getting up and walking out of a KH. I was told that papa smurph was a demon who turned into a tree? Don't even understand that one.

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