I yelled at Dub Elders

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  • Vidiot

    Don't yell at little old ladies, no matter who they are. It's not cool. My mother's a little old lady.


    Hell, I even try to keep the snarky remarks at a minimum.

  • kairos

    Apparently the definition of 'yelling' is not fully comprehended.

    Loud, clear, understandable voice.

    "He was mean to those harmless and loving dubs as they were doing god's work"...

    I'm no coward.

  • zophar

    "I'm no coward." :...…. He said as he stood up to those scary men and drove away! It would be funny if it so isn't.

  • kairos

    How many of you engage on ANY LEVEL?
    Just mock from the confines of your keyboard...

    I don't even tell all of my encounters.

    I just faced off with an elder in the grocery store.

    I told him in a non-yelling voice, as we were indoors and he could hear me.
    "The two witness rule will be your downfall."
    I mentioned the notorious child rapist from Napa where I live that had a JW daycare in his home effecting 20 young JW girls, and asked him about all of the child abuse lawsuits Watchtower is facing.

  • Simon

    From a previous topic of yours:

    ... Both ladies are in there early 60's and born in.

    So elderly women.

    My heart started pumping, but I had to act.

    So you were emotionally agitated, not calm and mild.

    I was directly across the street from them.

    So some distance

    I walked right to the sidewalk and said in a very loud, but not mean voice ...

    But shouting across the street

    They were stunned and speechless.
    They just stared at me and processed what just happened.
    True deer in the head lights moment.
    I turned and walked away.

    I'm sure they were shocked and startled because someone shouting at you across a street is not normal behavior.

    A moment later, I came back out and leaned on the front of my truck in the driveway ...

    So you were following / harassing them

    Then a second bomb was lobbed...

    Interesting choice of words

    They were uncomfortable when I said this ...

    I'm not surprised, they were probably scared of what some nut might do next.

    I felt bad for them and semi ashamed of myself.

    Yes, you should. What is the point of such stupid behavior?

  • kairos

    do it your way...

    I'll do it mine.

    None of these people were strangers to me.
    These are the people that said amen to my public prayers.
    The people I knew for up to 25 years.


    So maybe I should check in with a bunch of people I've never met to get your permission on how i live my life and what i do?

    Sounds pretty dumb when I put it that way, doesn't it?

    < but he yelled, though >

  • blisterfeet

    You shared this story with us. Now you’re upset that we are not patting you on the back. You absolutely have the right to “do it your way”. I don’t think your way is effective. But please, by all means yell at old ladies in the street.

  • atomant

    Kairos do you still believe the earth is flat? Just saying.

  • steve2

    Honestly, Kairos, you boldly shared your story and got lots of critical but helpful feedback. Anything that can help anyone of us improve our effectiveness in communicating should be welcomed. Take what you will but learn the bigger lesson: Don’t share unless you are prepared for all kinds of responses. That’s life.

  • _Morpheus
    So maybe I should check in with a bunch of people I've never met to get your permission on how i live my life and what i do?

    No what sounds dumb is doing exactly what you say is dumb and then getting mad about it. Yell, dont yell, do you brother... but dont seek approval from random internet strangers and then get offended when you dont get it.

    Again, this was never about helping anyone but yourself. Dont wrap yourself in righteousness as if you were helping wake people up. You were not. You were trying, futilely, to make yourself feel better.

    I slow clap for you.

    I hope you continue to heal and, one day, find a better way. Until then, yell away.

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