I yelled at Dub Elders

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  • kairos

    I was driving along through a quiet neighborhood on a Saturday morning ( yesterday )
    And , looky-looky, two dubs.

    I recognized one of them, complete asshole, exBethelite, can I say his name?
    It's not important.

    I rolled up, downed the window and "Hey!"

    They spun around and I continued, "What are you going to do about all those pedophile lawsuits all over the world? The two witness rule is wrong and so are you!"

    Again, jaws dropped, total shock...

    All they said was my name as I drove away.

    Pretty satisfying to be perfectly honest.

  • Finkelstein

    Funny , would have liked to have seen that.

    Should have also said ....

    " Hey guys still working for that commercialized false prophet ? "

  • _Morpheus

    As always, i hope it made you feel good.

    As an aside, what is your problem with so called “two witness rule”? Why do you think that needs to be changed or is wrong?

  • Simon

    All your topics seem to be on the theme of yelling at JWs.

    It's childish and this site is not here to help encourage such idiotic behavior.

    Please consider whether your behavior is something to continue and whether you really want to brag about it.

  • kairos

    Yelling can have a variety of meanings.

    Mine was being heard from a distance over the noise of my diesel.

    Being heard, not being mean.

  • steve2

    Mine was being heard from a distance over the noise of my diesel.

    Being heard, not being mean.

    You do have a habit of reporting yelling at JWs. I had to do a double take to ensure this wasn't your earlier post, recycled.

    Now, when taken to task for yelling and publicising it on this forum, you start to make excuses. How do you know your self-confessed "yelling" was received by the JWs as "not mean"? . And given the content of what you yelled (e.g., yelling about "all those lawsuits..." and telling them "you are wrong...etc"), JWs could be forgiven for concluding your intentions were negative. If you've got anything to say to anyone, talk to them one-to-one in a normal voice. Or if you cannot do that, go your way quietly.

    If anyone yells at me and cannot bother to just talk to me in a normal voice, I switch off from their message. I'd say JWs are no different.

  • kairos

    I wasn't about to give them the time of day, pull over and exchange pleasantries.

    Don't like it? too bad.

    Two loud sentences and that was it...
    Not excuses. Reality.

    Also note, these are people I knew.
    In fact, they used to say "amen" to my prayers...

    Sorry my apostasy offends you :D

  • blisterfeet

    I’m sure this felt satisfying. I personally don’t think that yelling, cart crashing, Kingdom Hall crashing etc is an effective way of communicating with them. It validates their persecution complex, and that we are mentally diseased.

  • sparky1

    Good manners never go out of style.

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    They "spun around" because you made yourself heard over the engine, or was it your accusatory tone? lol Hey, yell all you like but don't expect everyone to support it. Kinda silly really. It seems you yelling was for you not them. Public shaming is what DFing is for.

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