I yelled at dubs today ( again )

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  • kairos

    So I roll up to the job site and looky there, two uber pioneer dubs dragging themselves down the sidewalk. Both ladies are in there early 60's and born in.

    My heart started pumping, but I had to act.

    I was directly across the street from them. I walked right to the sidewalk and said in a very loud, but not mean voice: "You can't teach overlapping generations from the bible!! Be honest with yourselves!!".

    I've known both these two for at least 20 years. Worked in service with both of them on many occasions.

    They were stunned and speechless.
    They just stared at me and processed what just happened.
    True deer in the head lights moment.
    I turned and walked away.

    A moment later, I came back out and leaned on the front of my truck in the driveway and watched as they pioneer strutted up to another empty house.

    Then a second bomb was lobbed: "1914 was the generation that would never pass away... They have all died!!"

    They were uncomfortable when I said this as they were stepping onto another front porch.
    I could see them mumbling as they were knocking. They must have been on that step for two or three minutes and knocked three separate times.

    I felt bad for them and semi ashamed of myself.
    Oh well, it happened...

  • Crazyguy

    Good for you these people need to get it back at them both barrels!! All their lies all the while saying Christendom is lying and evil!

  • stuckinarut2

    Sometimes it is so frustrating to see them out peddling their nonsense....

  • Diogenesister

    "Truth Bomb"! I love it!

    Funny how we've taken their culty doublespeak pure language - apostate, truth - and made it our own!

  • Vanderhoven7

    JWs need to be challenged. They can always chalk it up as persecution....yet still it just might make them think. But I also think it would have been more effective and you would have felt better about your performance if you transformed both of your 1914 statements into questions.

  • Listener

    Why did you feel ashamed of yourself? If you hadn't done it you may have felt disappointed in yourself at a missed opportunity.

    It does take courage and all the emotions may cause us to behave in a way that is not ideal but you know better for next time if tha is the way you feel.

    What you did was great. Here are two JWs going from house to house, generally unwelcome and trying to recruit people into their cult, to get trapped like them. Given their age, it is likely that they shun someone related to them. They are happy to lecture everyone else, they won't accept any non JW religious leaflets, what's left? Openly telling them what's wrong with their religion. Well done.

  • steve2

    Well kairos, JWs may value the way you feed their need to be persecuted. Oh, I know you don’t intend your outbursts as persecution but that is how it will be received. You have some good stuff to say; just a shame you’re not more strategic.

  • flipper

    What exactly, do you hope to accomplish by yelling at JW's ? Releasing stress perhaps. I can think of more positive outlets for releasing stress. But hey, it's your life. Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • kairos

    I yelled so they could hear me.
    They were across the street.

  • Chook

    All heroes come revolt remember that guy who went berserk in the temple tipping the tables . Someone has to expose the money changers from WT

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