I yelled at Dub Elders

by kairos 31 Replies latest jw friends

  • kairos

    This was definitely for me.
    Of course.

    Very satisfying.

  • WingCommander

    JW's need a good dose of "shock and awe." It stuns them Awake! from their slumber.

  • LV101

    Next time, kairos, you can do a 180 and kill 'em with kindness - keep them on their toes then subtly ask the what abouts this/that but with loads of sugar/honey.

  • Simon
    Sorry my apostasy offends you

    Sounds more like harassment than apostasy.

    Yelling out of a truck at 60+ year old ladies is not clever and it's not brave, it's just petty and it would definitely be something I'd consider aggressive because it screams "unstable person who might be dangerous".

  • steve2

    Your apostasy’s fine - it’s your aggressive interpersonal manner I find offensive. Don’t equate beliefs with behaviour.

  • zophar


  • The_New_Barrold_Bonds
  • kairos

    I don't care who is 'offended'.

    Why should I?
    Oh no, the filthy apostate that we shun, raised his voice so we could hear him.

    Maybe I should just cower...

    Not gonna happen, because I don't care anymore.

  • blisterfeet

    If you “don’t care anymore” you would have no desire to yell at passers by on the street. You seem very angry.

  • steve2

    An extremist only sees two options for communicating: yelling or keeping quiet. When he responds to those who have criticised him, he betrays his awful sensitivity by implying we are saying he should keep quiet. It is too much effort for him to actually accurately read what we have said. His hurt feelings prevent him from seeing there are more than two options for communicating.

    Are JWs offended by his yelling? Likely not. They will simply look at each other and say, “What else can we expect from opposers given we have the truth?” Of course, they are dead wrong, but that’s another story...

    The one who yells through noisy traffic nicely fuels JWs’ hungry persecution complex.

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