Question is there any historical data on a women killing her entire

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    In order for watchtower to change its policy on shunning we must answer the hard uncomfortable questions to prevent this sort of thing from happening again they think shunning is loveing.

    I do not think the GB view shunning as loving. Yes they do "sell" it to the r&f as such knowing full well why they insist upon it. Love has nothing to do with it. It is a control mechanism. They control the flow of "truth" from being spread among the flock and keep the flock under control.

    They will never change their policy on shunning because if and when they do their bubble will burst.

    Just this week I had a conversation about disfellowshiping with a family member baptised in the 70s. They were not aware one could be excommunicated for taking a blood transfusion. Said "I have never heard of anyone being disfellowshiped for that. That does not happen. The blood issue is a conscience matter".

    Are you f*****g serious! Firstly they would not have heard about it because they don't announce reasons for a disfellowshiping from the platform and then you are no longer to speak to that one so how would you know? Secondly people don't get transfusions because they don't want to be disfellowshiped.

    See how it works? The r&f are kept in the dark and they are happy little mushrooms awaiting their prize.

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