Question is there any historical data on a women killing her entire

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  • poopie

    Idiot I don't make jokes out of suferring idiot

  • poopie

    Evil monster

  • poopie

    Your sick you need help

  • LoveUniHateExams

    OK, no, I don't know if there's any such data. If such data exist, there's a good chance someone on the forum will post it.

    Take it easy ...

    PS - I love you, Poopie XD

  • poopie

    How dare you make a joke about human suicide you need help I do not think it's funny this is no joke for me I've being helping shunned jw for years I no there suffering it's no joke.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Ok poopie I apologise.

    I was only being light-hearted.

    But I'm sorry if I offended you.

    Ok, suicide's no joke and neither is shunning but your OP goes further than that.

    Your OP talks of murder.

    Take care.

  • under the radar
    under the radar

    I don't know how much (if any) of a role the disfellowshipping and shunning played in this tragedy, but more than a few have speculated that a distraught POMI (physically out but mentally in) JW might decide to end it all in despair, and then decide to take his or her family with them to "insure they'll get a resurrection after Armageddon."

    The Witnesses currently teach to most everyone who dies before Armageddon will get at a tentative resurrection after Armageddon under the "resurrection of the unrighteous" principle. I've read accounts of those who were told by their relatives that they'd be better off to take their children out back and shoot them than to leave the Truthâ„¢. And who hasn't heard someone say, "Well, at least he died before Armageddon"?

    The Governing Body doesn't actually encourage murder to achieve everlasting life for a loved one, but their teachings do create an atmosphere in which mentally unbalanced ones could easily draw that conclusion. So they do bear a measure of responsibility, in my book.

    I think they also realize now that the no blood policy is a gross misapplication of Scripture which they would love to distance themselves from. But they can't, because it would undermine their self-assumed "spiritual authority" and might make their followers wonder what else they could be wrong about. Never mind about the thousands of unnecessary deaths of sincere true believers and their children. Their image as God's Anointed Ones must be upheld! For this too, they bear a heavy responsibility.

    Dad blame it, I hate this blanking religion!

  • dubstepped

    JT and Lady Cee interviewed Mrs. Taylor, the lady that stood up in the KH after the tragedy. At the end she says that Lauren was pretty much POMI and that she was becoming more and more obsessed about the end times. She started saying that people should listen to her, that she had holy spirit, etc. It got so bad that Mrs. Taylor couldn't stand being around her for long, and they had been great friends. She couldn't elaborate on the details of the suicide note but pretty much said that Lauren believed she was saving her family by killing them, that they would be resurrected. So it sounds like she broke at some point after shunning. Very sad.

  • OrphanCrow

    Yes, Poopie, there is data on women who kill their spouses and their children.

    There are several academic papers written about that very subject. However, it is a field of study that is under represented quite simply because women do not kill their family as often as men do. But, when women do kill, it is most often their own children.

    This is a book you may find interesting:

    And this study includes stats on women as well as men:

  • Mad Irishman
    Mad Irishman


    Katherine Knight stabbed her partner, skinned him and then tried to feed him to his children. The Daily Telegraph, Sydney, Australia, by Libby-Jane Charleston, May 5, 2014. Knight was convicted of the brutalmurder of her partner, John Charles Thomas Price, known to his friends as Pricey, in October 2001. She is currently ...

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