I wish I had not gone to the meeting last night

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  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman

    @stuckinarut2: In hind site, looking back at what was happening at KHalls I attended and visited as husband gave talks all around is that maybe 1/2 or less are real Believers. Possibly only 1/4. (It is all debatable, yes, of course). I think there are more people sitting at the KHalls that would leave in a New York minute if they could leave without losing loved ones and friends and or inheritance.

    No one who is staying in for the above reasons is going to jeopardize their loved ones, friends or inheritance by doing eye rolls during any part of a WT/JW..org meeting. They will nod their heads and act like they need to. They will clap at conventions. They will say the meetings are great. They will say the convention is the best one ever. They will say and do what they need to do. They are caught in a trap. WT/JW..org knows this. Ultimately, WT/JW..org wants people to sacrifice their life and money... to them.

    It is hard to hear about how this religion has changed so drastically in just a few years. What hypocrites they all are! Penecostal "up beat" music? Swaying and clapping? Sounds like WT/JW..org is going the way of American mega churches... to rake in the money from poor innocents that are not educated to question anyone or anything. They are just mere slaves, doing what their human master thinks up and tells them to do. Disgusting on GB/WT/JW..org's part.

  • sparrowdown
    I don't think TD Jakes has any competition to worry about. JWs are the lamest singers and swayers EVER!
  • stillin

    I asked my wife if she wanted me to build a bunker onto the house, like in the video. She said that it wouldn't help in real life. There's hope for her yet.

  • cha ching
    cha ching

    OMG, stillin....

    If she thinks it is unrealistic in real life, does she think it is crazy to see those?

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