Some Things Just Dont Add Up, How Did We Miss This???

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  • Diogenesister

    "The impartiality of Jehovah" was always ludicrous. Even if you explain the obvious prejudice against anyone who wasn't an Isrealite by using the foreshadowing of Spiritual Isreal and a people for Jesus, there were so many other examples.

    The obvious preference over the ruling classes. One example:Moses Midianite wife was A-OK but Phineas was condoned for spearing a couple (in front of Moses) because the husband had married a Midianite wife.

  • Vidiot
    Confusedalot - "The OT especially is filled with so much horror and violence..."


    I've said this before, but there's more hard-R content in the Bible than in Quentin Tarantino's entire filmography.

    And let's not forget Mel Gibson's Passion.

    In fact, I remember once bringing up this very point in a service group when an elder was objecting to violent movies.

    I basically said to him, "Have you even read the Bible, lately? If Hollywood made a true-to-the-text movie based on it, none of us could let our kids watch it."

    You could have cut the silence in the car with a knife.

  • Vidiot
    smiddy - "...what is it with women who are treated this way in religion?..."

    Honestly, I suspect more and more that misogynistic religion developed as a way to get otherwise "undateable" guys laid.

  • smiddy3

    Never let us forget though that "the women declaring the Good News are a large army" but apparently an underrated army at that by the JW`s.

    It amazed me how women could have have a place in heaven ruling with Christ Jesus for a thousand years because of their anointing on earth prior to their death ,yet while alive in there respective congregations they had no authority or say simply because they were women.?

    On the one hand they were "a large army of faithful witnesses" (anointed ones included ) yet had no say in congregational matters on earth ,yet on death the anointed women could now rule with Jesus for a thousand years ?

    As a side note :Illustrations of those anointed women gaining heaven by the WT are never depicted as women somehow they are always portrayed as males with a beard.Why is that ?

    I was always led to believe from WT teachings that Angels were neither male or female .

    Are the anointed who gain heaven to rule with JC Angels ? If so why are they all depicted as having beards ? A male trait.

    If the anointed who gain heaven are not classed as Angels then what/who are they ? and why do they all have a beard ?

  • waton

    latent heavenly ladies with beards? it has to do with WT's 24 tribes of Israel, The 12 to make up the 144 000 anointed and the other 12 earthly ones to rule over ( Math 19: 28). or?

    Only the ladies resurrected to heaven will have beards, hopefully. It is bad enough to have woman with other male traits.

    12 +12 = 24 , only 12X12 000 partakers? it does not add up!

  • EverApostate
    Some Things Just Dont Add Up, How Did We Miss This???

    Talking Snake/Donkey, Samson had his life in his Hair, Killed 1000 people with the Jawbone of an Ass, Tied 150 pairs of foxes to use as blazing missiles, Jacobs cloning of sheeps...

    Oh what a fun it is, to read the Bible

    “God is a comedian playing to an audience that is too afraid to laugh.” ― Voltaire

  • MrRoboto

    How bout the questionable number of angels at Jesus' tomb when the women went there..? Was it 1 or 2? was it inside or outside, on the left or right (head/foot) where he was laid down? was it on the rolling stone or not? Or.. did they (women) run off and tell everyone..? Or No one?

    I was trying to hold out hope... but I'm a truth seeking missile.

    And what about this Paul guy? Is he an apostate or what? Telling you to obey those taking the lead, when Jesus said that he (Jesus) is your only leader.. then there are the other multitude of direct contraventions of Jesus words too (by Paul, I mean) Who da heck let Paul in with the rest? But seeing my first point above - it really doesn't matter.

    I like how a recent WT study (maybe 2 weeks ago?) mentioned that we don't know who wrote one of the Bible books (dont remember which but it was in the 'Hebrew Scriptures') and yet somehow we can say that it's inspired...?

    I Swear they they are rolling on the floor laughing at the clueless mass of followers they have for themselves.

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