Why Do JW Speakers and GB Members Sound So Robotic?

by minimus 30 Replies latest jw friends

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    The JW speaker is merely an instrument or vessel and no undue attention is to be drawn by him lest he detract from the glory of God and or even worse, outshine the Governing Body's speaking abilities.

    Uninspired JW speakers become talking heads who speak the unoriginal and embarrassingly repetitive thoughts and words of other men whom they've never even met.

  • minimus

    Talk about hypnotic dumbing doen

  • blondie

    Scripted talks not in their own voice, being watched by others to make sure they stick to the script.

  • Dagney

    It's funny you say that.

    I have been in contact for the past few years with former JW's I knew in my teens years. Most left late 70's and early 80's except for me of course. So I sent them the information of the Leah Remini special. One of the ladies who was in Bethel during the Ray Franz deal, and left soon after wrote me this morning. She said "I'm watching the show now. Are those the GB??? They are scary!!" LOL.

    These guys are creepy.

    They can't go off script as much as in the old days, everything is forever on the internet now!

  • minimus

    Yes they are “creepy “.

  • blondie

    My husband watched the tape I made of the Remini show; he said the GB members were buffoons. He is glad we are out.

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    It's like the women who cut the ends of her roast off and put it in the pan. When asked why, she said because her mom did. So she asked her mom why she cut the ends of the roast off before cooking it. The answer? Because the roast was too big to fit the pan.

    It's an accepted affectation. Someone heard a GB or some other who had that speech pattern and emulated it. Before you know it, everyone spoke like a drone. Those that read the talk in a lively manner commanded the most attention.. Because of the accepted tone everyone adopted they seem rebel's. I'm out too long now to give a ship.

  • zeb
    • Dare to do anything different and you will be spoken too.
    • Insist on not quoting exactly the party line and you will get no more talks to do.
    • Go further you will be 'marked' and a troublemaker of sorts.

    and of course because there is NIL spontaneity in the jw 'culture'. natural affection is not pursued or encouraged.

  • Phizzy

    I think too that very few once they reach the status of Elder ever get any real training in Public Speaking. The old T.M.S was only as good as the School Overseer and his underlings.

    We had a brilliant T.M.S overseer, who brought the best out in all, but of course only a few had real natural ability at Public Speaking.

    Who in the Org would be brave enough to tell the G.B they are Robotic, Boring and Clownish ?

  • tiki

    I remember ages ago a public talk speaker came to the cong and he was fascinating...interesting, held attention...was warm and intellectual. He got banned from pt's in the circuit. He was "drawing attention to himself". In other words, the other elders were jealous that he was actually interesting to listen to. Looking back I imagine he was pretty liberal in his approach to the given outline. Back then they allowed the elders to fill in the blanks..it was a real outline. Now it is a script apparently...to be droned off numbly.

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