when you went to an "assembly" did you wear a badge?

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  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once
    I was obedient and wore it on site but not on the way there or back. Having parts on the District convention dictated I wear it. Now I don't attend anything WT related.
  • konceptual99

    You might wear a badge at an event but they don't expect you wear it round the town in the evening when going out for a meal or whilst travelling to and from the event. Invariably badges for typical corporate events are plain, simple affairs not weird mini billboards. Corporate event holders don't use the wearing of a badge as a reason to ensure dress is of a certain standard even when the delegate is on their own time.

    I always hated the badges, only ever wore mine when in the stadium and when I had kids stopped wearing them so as not to inflict the same embarrassment on them.

  • kaik
    Yes, I used to wear badge in the assembly and around the town with tower symbol printed on it.
  • TheFadingAlbatros
    The fact that an organization requires of its followers to wear a badge not only during an assembly but also from home to assembly and from assembly to home is nothing but a form of mental or spiritual bondage. I remember of an Indian Jehovah Witness lady who, with much pride, took much pleasure to draw my attention to the fact that a badge must be carried also from home and back to home, while I was carrying my own badge only during the assembly time.
  • wifibandit
    Yes. I had to wear it to gain access to the audio/video control room.
  • Phaedra
    I wore mine, but only when I arrived. We never stopped on the way.
  • prologos

    recent pre-assembly meeting parts still mandated to wear badges even in restaurants to advertise the assembly and mark the many visitor count. earlier we were encouraged to put magazines in the car windows to identify and cheer on [speeding?] fellow convention travellers.

    had also "administration" signs in the windshield, only to promptly have the radiator punctured with long spear. --switched to air cooled VW. ha ha.

  • smiddy

    Not only did I wear a badge as my wife and children did , but before the international Convention in 1962/3 ? in Melbourne ,I had a huge poster advertising the convention on our large window facing the street ,I don`t think anybody in our congregation had one .I also had bumper stickers on my car advertising the Convention .

    and at that time we were in a housing comission house not long after we were married,I`m surprised we were never told to take it down , or for that matter somebody throwing a rock through our window .

    I was proud to wear a badge , I must have been a real dickhead ,sad to say.



    when you went to an "assembly" did you wear a badge?

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  • prologos

    I found the information on the lapel cards very useful, discovered one man that way, who was on the same ocean voyage as I for 10 days, and ended up in the same religion, the same Circuit. and "wearing your heart on your sleeve." Possibly you could, if persistent and at first rebuffed, track down a prospective mate, if you could have read the congregation name.

    now she might then say: I don't want to badgered

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