when you went to an "assembly" did you wear a badge?

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  • blondie
    I grew up in a military family where I had to wear a badge on base. I've worked in federal and state facilities where I have worn badges for security purposes. So it was no big deal. Now Mormons have to wear badges from door to door, at least I did not have to do that.
  • ttdtt
    I stopped a few years ago - i also refused to wear the stupid JW pins everyone was making and giving out. I chucked 5 of them in the trash when a brother gave them to me for the family.
  • WTWizard
    When I traveled (by bus, as the Grand Boasting Session was in town), I would take my embarrassment badge off as soon as I got away from the crowd. Once it got where the majority of people on the street were worldly, the badge came off. And I got my own holder, which held up better than the crap ones the washtowel provided.
  • TipsyMangoTea
    My younger sister and I used to draw on the back side (usually anime and video game characters), write our nicknames and be really vague on what congregation we're from. We eventually stopped wearing them and made the excuse that we misplaced our badges. Thankfully, Mom gave up on the issue, mostly because she legitimately couldn't find hers, hahaha. d(^___^)b*
  • jookbeard
    I did because I was on security and we used to have a badge with a red line at the bottom of it, I was proud to wear it TBH, stupid isnt it ?
  • BluesBrother

    Sure... It used to be good to meet people in the Stadium or travelling , who had one too. "Hi, pleased to meet you , I see you are from.......... " A great conversation starter (chat up line when I was single )

    I felt proud to represent the Assembly on the way to and fro.. " A great witness to everybody" we said. You can tell that I was well and truly "in" the mold

  • ctrwtf
    Badges? We don't need no stinking badges!
  • respectful_observer

    We gave it up about 10 years ago. Only a few people (mostly family) have ever said anything. Our standard responses are:

    - "Do you know my name and what congregation I'm from?" (Yes) Then what's the issue?

    - "Does me not wearing one prevent you from asking my name and where I'm from?" (No) In fact it might encourage someone to ask.

    - "Are you not allowed in if you're not wearing one?" (No)

    - "My clothes are too expensive to be damaged by a cheap 5 cent badge holder" (They then usually cite an occasion when the pin damages their outfit.)

    By not wearing a badge at all it also circumvents the issue of me taking it off the moment I leave the convention and head to dinner. ("Oh no, Br./Sr. Self Righteous, I didn't take mine off, I just didn't have one on in the first place." If questioned further, use bullet points above.)

  • James Brown
    James Brown
    I wore one when I was 7. I stopped wearing it when I was 10.
  • greenhornet

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