Have you noticed this trend on social media amongst witnesses...?

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  • zeb

    Sparrow down.

    As I have mentioned before witness young folks are in my experience too are a good two years behind others of their age in social and mental maturity.

  • respectful_observer
    It seems that every 2nd witness often posts pictures of themselves at conventions,

    Honestly, I think half the time they're just posting their requisite convention pic on IG to show off how nice their outfit is and troll for compliments.

  • UnshackleTheChains

    They never discuss spiritual matters because they are not allowed their own views on matters. Everything is already laid out for us in WT literature. The GB do all the thinking for us.

    A perfect example is when I was on holiday with some witnesses/aquaintances. I tried to initiate a conversation on a particular scripture and get their thoughts. I had one response saying the organisations view is blah blah blah. Then the subject completely changed to something else other than religion.

    Jdubs are robots. They drink the koolaid and go along with things. They are not stimulated to have a view point on scriptures.

  • Are you serious
    Are you serious

    If you asked most jws today, especially young ones, why it's the truth most would have no idea what to say.

  • tor1500


    Because they are molded by this system of things....They mirror all the things that so called worldly folks do...what the heck is a worldly person...one who travels...lol....we are all worldly because we are a part of the world...some of us whether witnesses or not, do not buy into what the world has to offer...anyway...The witnesses do whatever everyone else does...

    Notice at most jobs, folks eat all day long...drink water all day, coffee, snacks etc...all day...ever notice witnesses, they always up to eating especially if its for free...witnesses are people first, except they don't think so, until you call them on a imperfection, then they say they are only human, other than that, they are a cut above the rest of mankind...they are witnesses...God's chosen...NOT...

    So as time goes along, you will notice changes...why, because the young ones are coming and they going to put a whole new spin on the org...


  • sir82

    Why don't they post content about the teachings or talk material?

    If they're too stupid, they don't understand it.

    If they are moderately intelligent they realize it's all bollocks.

  • Saethydd

    Well, when I posted pictures of myself in service or something, I was usually just trying to catch the eye of a girl I had a crush on and show her my "spirituality." I realize now how ridiculous that was, but dating as a JW was a tough thing for me to do. (Not that my dating life has much improved since then.)

  • punkofnice
    Why don't they post content about the teachings or talk material?

    There is nothing to learn from the banal mitherings from the platform. The GB don't 'teach' anything. they just issue self serving commands which is hardly 'encouraging(tm)'. Who wants to post, "today we learned at the meetings to hate gaybers and give our ice cream money to the GB."

  • jookbeard

    just wondering what the accepted platform of social media is allowable for them these days, the very last contact with any active jw (my sister) on FB seems to have been a few years back but if I'm not mistaken they seem to like Instagram are the GB letting them use it without castigating them for doing so?

  • Phoebe


    Instagram seems to be the one. I hardly know any JWs that are on Facebook unless it is for business. But they post endless IG photos -- protecting their privacy, of course. So not everyone can see.

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