Are there any doctrines which all Christian religions follow.

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    All christian religions recognize each other as christians by teaching that Jesus is God, and by accepting The Holy Trinity. That's the main filter which JW, mormons, etc. can not pass, so they are not consider as "christians" by others.

    Part of my reason for raising the question was because I think it is ludicrous to say JWs are not Christians because they do not accept the Trinity. A Christian is someone that follows Christianity, religion that is based on the life and teachings of Christ. Yet there is no consensus on those teachings, due to the large variance in possible interpretations of the Bible. The Trinity is one of those teachings, which was developed over a lengthy time frame, piecing together the vaguest of passages, and is not accepted by a large portion of Christians, such as Pentecostals that accept Modalism, or other Christians that adhere to Binitarianism.

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    How about the existence of God

    The Searcher4 hours ago
    I can't think of any Christian denominations who disagree that there is going to be a resurrection of the dead.

    As far as I can tell, the concept of God and a resurrection is fundamental to all religion, not just Christianity. Promise of an afterlife is by far the most influential reason for people worshipping God, very few people would have any interest in devoting themselves to God if it was not for the promise that he will grant everlasting life.

    However, Christian doctrine varies greatly over the nature of God and the resurrection.

  • Vanderhoven7

    All biblical Christians accept that Jesus Christ died and rose again to save/justify them; that by His death and resurrection, sinners have hope and an eternally bright future ahead.

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    subscribe to the doing of good and "love your neighbor as yourself".

    This is another area that is common amongst religion groups of all kinds, but the interpretation of what is "good" and how to express love varies. Jehovah's Witnesses claim that other religions do not show love, because they don't devote themselves to preaching, and kill each other in war. JWs are criticised because they don't set up charities and hospitals. JWs say that shunning is loving, most people would have to disagree.

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    Vanderhoven7 -
    All biblical Christians accept that Jesus Christ died and rose again to save/justify them; that by His death and resurrection, sinners have hope and an eternally bright future ahead.

    Jesus death for mankind is a key part of Christianity, and it is hard to imagine that any Christian religion could deny that, when Romans 5 goes into detail that "Christ died for us." The details of the Ransom doctrine vary though.

    For instance, Proclaimers page 131 stated, Barbour claimed to believe in the ransom, that Christ died for us. What he rejected was the idea of "substitution"-that Christ died instead of us, that by his death Christ paid the penalty for sin for Adam's offspring.

  • OrphanCrow
    jwfacts: I cannot think of a single doctrine that is so clearly laid out in the Bible that every Christian sect teaches the same point. Are there any doctrine where there is total consensus amongst all Christian religions, including Jehovah's Witnesses?

    I can.

    This one is so easy.

    God is male.

    That is the one unchanging doctrine that is consistent in ALL Christian religions. Try changing that one and the whole f***ing mess comes crashing down

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Birdie, putting the history of god into the long context of human beliefs; the late Old Stone Age, evidence would appear to indicate from the "goddess" figurines, that She was female ---and fat---and fertile. Probably the ideal for both sexes at the time.

    For millennia now, God has been a psychological projection of a supercharged male parent, since that is how humans have viewed authority in the past; that is entirely masculine. Roman Christianity having been a prime mover and flag bearer for patriarchal religion.

    As humanity grows in understanding and shakes off faulty former assumptions I trust we will downplay the significance of Biblical fairytales, understand why the human imagination needed to create God and develop a proper equality of the sexes.

  • ILoveTTATT2

    How about fornication being wrong? I don't know... but putting it out there. At least "officially" I mean. In practice a whole different thing.

  • joe134cd

    I was just thinking about this today. Just recently as a bit of a hobby I have decided to learn another language and in so doing have started attending a foreign language Christian church to meet speakers of the language. I have thought when listening to the sermons just how similar they are to what you would hear in the KH. I believe if I was to take out all the JW nonsense out of a talk out line, I could probably get away with giving the same talk at this church. Interestingly to I have noted that this church neither has asked it members from the pulpit for money and neither do the pass a collection plate. I was quite blown away by that. At the end of every service they also mention the financial accounts. Last month I think they brought in about $6000. Which I thought was a very modest sum considering what they do. For example to pay the pastor would at least have to be half of that. But once again I have only just started attending so this is purly observation and I don't know just how open their financial reports are. But one thing I can say is the idea that the JWs are higher than the rest because (well at least superficially) they don't beg their members for money just isn't true.

  • careful

    Do they all collect money?

    As for the resurrection, while some believers, of course, ≠ a denomination, there is this:

    and the idea is dropping in belief in the USA:

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