I yelled at a Dub today!

by kairos 41 Replies latest jw friends

  • kairos

    You ever see those videos of the guy dressed like a potted plant jumping out at people walking by?

    It'll be a lot like that...


  • LongHairGal


    I guess there are two schools of thought on telling off JWs in public. There will be those that approve and those that disapprove....

    Only once in my life did I tell off a JW in public. I was on my way to work and this was a person who knew me from the early years in a hall where I was viewed and treated not so nicely.

    They spoke first and I proceeded to tell them off about the religion's stand on careers and how I was criticized and where the religion can go! The person was embarrassed and walked away. I am certain this person went back and repeated everything I said and I'm glad because I wanted them to know how I feel. While I am certain that nobody there cares and these people are JW-lifers, I have no regrets.

  • steve2

    If you just told off JWs in public, fine. Sounds like you could make your point in a dignified and regulated way if you wanted to.

    Unfortunately, with your zeroing in on a lone pro-JW and calling him out by yelling at him in a public place and your subsequent slow, menacing drive-bys of sisters you expose youself as little more than just another angry male who seeks to unnerve his targets.

    You take it further by putting out a thread parading your stupid acts and expect what exactly? A chorus of approval with no other feedback?

    Don’t kid yourself that you are different from all the other angry men out there with axes to grind. You’re just one more angry man - and I can see from others’ comments that you’ve attracted a share of sympathisers - which shows how normalised the behaviours of sad and angry men have become.

  • Gorbatchov

    Maybe you can work on your style.

    "Sorry for the inconvenience I will cause you, but it seems that I have a serious problem with the complicated religion you are part of. So i'm wondering if you could spare some time to have a conversation about it."



  • kairos

    Seasoned with salt ^^

    I need to be more tactful to the people shunning me!

    Maybe try to "win them over without a word"?

  • JRK

    It sounds like you are a bubble off plumb. It's like you get off getting angry at people.

    How's that working for you? Maybe that is why your divorce is imminent.

    Just sayin'.


  • kairos

    Why not just say I deserve this for leaving 'the Truth'...

  • JRK

    Well, I will call you a Wambulance.


  • truthseeker

    Not my first choice of response but it worked for you.

  • kairos

    My JW wife told me they are afraid of me.

    I'm convinced they are more afraid of apostates than Satan.
    They can actually see us...

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