I yelled at a Dub today!

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  • steve2

    Well, yelling at another man in public certainly seems to have helped you. No doubt about that.

    If a member of the public observed your outburst, the word "Unhinged" may have crossed their mind. "Keith" may have had a similar thought. Still, you got something out of it.

  • EverApostate

    If your yell made you feel good that is ok.

    I would approach this differently. May be striking up a conversation about the various WT cover ups as well as to prove to them that I am happier now than as a JW before.

  • sparrowdown

    I 'm not gonna judge how you handle yourself around an old "friend." I'll just say yep, he in a cult.

    Maybe apostates everywhere should ask cart people everywhere "can you prove to me this isn't a cult?"

  • kairos

    Thanks for the replies.

    I don't expect Kieth will ever forget that moment.
    We worked together as builders, I know all of his family, he's going to dwell.

    Check this out:
    When he was DFd, I came across him leaving a grocery store. I didn't hesitate and shook his hand immediately. He was appalled, looked down and walked away as if I led him into sin. Poor man.

    Both his adult sons are 'out', as well.


    As a side point, I drove past a fully manned ( sistered? ) lit cart today, four of them.
    I went by real slow, got eye contact with all of them and showed a very emphatic 'thumbs down'.
    All those council points for gestures finally paid off!!

  • steve2

    Nothing quite like an adult male doing a slow drive-by and making a gesture to a group of women. Whatever your intention, I wouldn't be surprised if these women perceived your display as menacing.

    You need to get a grip and start acting like a man instead of a jerk in public.

  • kairos

    Nope. I have known them all for 25 years.
    Shall i name them?
    Two of them, twins, were students in a driving school I ran.
    I installed tile in their homes and have worked in field service with all of them.
    These are not strangers and I agree, my conduct would be weird if that were the case.

    You guys apparently ( evidently ) don't have the same level of pain I have seeing all these former friends every time I run errands here in a small town.


    I won't be mean, I'll just blurt out whatever truth I see fit for the occasion.
    All they know is, their once good friend went APOSTATE 4 years ago.
    Only one in this town's history that I am aware of.

    Got to live up to my reputation, I guess, because there's no recovery from that 'sin'.


    Have I gone crazy?

  • kairos

    Am I an asshole? Probably.

    Do I care? Not particularly.


    What if I were a dub and I rolled past the lit cart, made eye contact with my fellow servants of jah and gave a hearty 'thumbs up'? Totally cool, right?

    I just went thumbs down instead.

  • steve2

    Each to their own, Kairos.

    Because you have opened up from the heart on this forum, I can see your deep-seated pain. The pain is not the issue - it is what you do with it that matters.

    It is also a little unfair, though, for you to suggest that "you guys apparently (evidently) don't have the same level of pain I am seeing all these former friends..." People can be in deep pain but express it and/or manage it in different ways than you - it doesn't make anyone's pain any less important than anyone else's simply because they don't act it out in public.

  • _Morpheus

    Kairos, instead of living down to their expectations perhaps you could show them that you are still the same good man they always knew. Just a thought

  • steve2


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