I yelled at a Dub today!

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  • kairos

    I was walking out of the store and I passed a former JW associate of 20+ years. "Keith"
    He was an elder, got DF'd, lost his wife, got reinstated and last I heard started pioneering!

    So I see him as I'm walking to my parking spot.

    I stop, look him straight in the face and yell from 20 feet away,
    "You're in a CULT. You're in a cult, dude!"

    I turned and walked away and did not look back ( to avoid turning into salt )

    Felt great, actually.

    I plan on refining my message.

    I'm thinking walk right up and say.

    "Research your religion. You're in a cult that protects pedophiles.
    Stop wasting your life!"

    That might shock a former friend of 20-25 years that hasn't seen you for four years, right?
    From a stranger, they'd just laugh you off.
    I'm talking about people we used to travel with. Dinner with families, etc.
    The people that just shun without a goodbye.


    I dont think that was the most effective thing to do but if it rocked your socks - Ave ! good for you !

  • Phizzy

    I think if we can add to their Cognitive Dissonance in any way then good !

    Yes, there certainly are more subtle approaches, but on the spur of the moment we have to do what we can, and anything is better than nothing.

    You were not throwing insults at the guy, or the religion, simply telling the truth.

    It is such a shame that JW's so are mind-controlled by the Cult to not recognize the truth when it bites them on the arse !

  • Drearyweather

    Your friend must have recalled the Biblical story of Shimei yelling and cursing at David, where David just ignored him and walked away

  • Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho
    Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho

    Lol. I actually had a chuckle picturing that scene as a spectator in the parking lot. Watching you walk away from the mental grenade you threw at the brother like:

  • Funchback

    Remember the story of Aʹchan...

    One person can get his whole family rubbed out by Big Jah even though his family was innocent. And the example of
    Aʹchan was about pilfering a small amount of gold, silver and a robe.

    Imagine how His temper tantrum will be against the JWs posting on this forum and mixing with us so-called apostates. They and their household face the same consequence.

  • scratchme1010

    Though I agree with AFRIKANMAN that your approach may not be the best in terms of them listening, who fucking cares? It's not your job to save people. That's part of the purpose of not being a JW. It's not your job to show others the light, and if there were your friends and now they aren't, it's because of them, not you.

    I'm sure that you felt great after. To me, that's what matters.

    In my experience, people who return after getting disfellowshipped have been people who seem to have a hard time coping with their lives, or live with a constant sense of fear about the world, or inadequacy about themselves. That excludes those who return to maintain relationships with JW loved ones.

    I'd say if it makes you feel god, yell your heart out.

  • punkofnice

    That's ok. I had a jobo yell at me for being an 'apostate(tm)'. He was an elder. It happened in the street. He was yelling, 'Jehovah(tm) knows. Jehovah(tm) knows.'

    I think everyone in town now knows he's a jobonius nutter. He was a good friend of mine...but you know how the cult makes people become haters.

  • DesirousOfChange

    Though I agree with AFRIKANMAN that your approach may not be the best in terms of them listening, who fucking cares?

    Exactly! Who cares? Good for you Kairos! I suspect it was therapeutic for you!

  • _Morpheus

    If your goal was to make yourself feel better than it seems it worked.

    If you cared about helping him you failed epically.

    Judge accordingly

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