We are giving too much power to the watchtower

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  • sinboi
    Some people have been convinced that their lives were saved because of it - Scratchme

    Yes, I agree. Some are really happy that they have a hope. Like my mom. That is why after I post my previous post about subliminals, I was thinking: if it can work, should I do it.? Will I not be taking away her cherished hope of seeing her dead son (my elder bro) again?

    He died due to a malfunctioning liver a few months after birth. That is how my mom started studying with jws.

    It is not their beliefs that I oppose. I oppose their mind control tactic…What I want is my parents happy and I also happy. I don’t like it that my parents’ mind are controlled by others. Without that hope, she would not be happy and my whole family unhappy.

    Whynot -You are very lucky to still be able to talk to your family.

    Yes, I am indeed fortunate. Last nite I was thinking why is my circumstances different from others. I think it is because I am their only son. And the most important thing is that they do not let anybody else to decide how to deal with me. My parents want to decide themselves. Frustrated with the pressure to chase me out the house, my dad voluntarily step down from being a ms. I don’t think he did it 100% because of me. He don’t like to be ms by the way.

    You can't judge someone and their reaction, decisions unless you yourself have experienced it in the way they have.

    Thank you very much. I will keep this wise saying close to my heart.

    neverjw - Focus your efforts mainly in making the best of your newly earned freedom

    Yes, friends who knows me well always say I wanted to right all the wrongs in this world.

    But I feel myself selfish if I just ignore the plight of others.

    You think I can be happy sitting at home while other kids under the same circumstances are being chased out of their homes?

    I wanted to help but just don’t know how.

  • OnTheWayOut
    I am just 17. Many of you here are much older than me.
    I do feel that offering advice here is like teaching my father how to fuck. But seriously, I do see the problem here. We are focusing more on the problem than the solution.

    Often, we need the refreshing viewpoints of young ones. Sex for the father of a young adult or old teen may be good, but there's nothing like the passion of people just starting out. And we are not really talking about sex.

    I am a bit of a pessimist due to a lack of results from my efforts to free my wife and mother, and from reading of similar outcomes. But I need reminders from young ones that my situation or that of some others is not always the case. I am reminded of another male elder with his entire family in who made great strides in waking up his family by remaining in the organization long enough to influence them. They are all out now. So reading suggestions from a young one are always welcome. Just don't be surprised if someone like me shoots down what you say because "we feel we know better." Not always true.

    I find that many, perhaps most of us, have given too much power to Watchtower. ...and they did it so easily and willingly.

    The pessimist in me will remind you that many cannot show their family how they are happier after leaving because their family totally shuns them. And sometimes that shunning is the very thing that makes them unhappy.

    But otherwise, I wholeheartedly appreciate what you say and hope those of us that can show family how much better off we are, do so.

    I have met many former JW's who put love for their family ahead of privileges and then eventually came out of the Watchtower because of the treatment they received for doing the right thing.

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