What’s the big deal with birthday cake?

by Addison0998 27 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • 2+2=5

    With my kids I keep it traditional, always serve the birthday cake with a severed head.

  • smiddy3

    Muslim bacon prank ,that was a funny video. thanks b.L.L.

  • Amelia Ashton
    Amelia Ashton

    I used to buy Easter eggs on sale after the event for my girls. One sister told me that I should also break them to make sure not to offend Jehovah but then asked why I bought them in the first place. She made me feel so bad for ages.

    Talk about straining the gnat.

    Cake is cake and chocolate is chocolate. I've eaten chocolate in far worse shapes than eggs since.......and it meant nothing. :p

  • OrphanCrow

    Eating birthday cake is perfectly acceptable - as long as you don't eat the whole cake.

    Just take the icing off, cut it into pieces and voila!

    Birthday cake fractions.

    Shouldn't be a problem whatsoever.

  • truth_b_known

    Birthday cake fractions. Hilarious!

  • eyeuse2badub

    Just another control mechanism!

    just saying!

  • LV101

    I knew witnesses who would go to Olive Garden and tell the staff it was their birthday so they could receive FREE cake! I couldn't believe! JWs were (and are) always trying to rob satan's system anyway they could. Nothing shocks me re/JWs. They learned from their masters.

  • stillMS

    In olden days, that was really an issue and a 'temptation from Satan', a 'family worship' would be expected to be held on this topic. Nowadays, it's a rule mostly for uber-jdubs, probably for obedient elders kids. Most of the children/youth don't give a damn about those rules - unless they're caught.

    p.s.: I'm a pimo - so my bad example doesn't count :)

  • NVR2L8

    The company I worked for merged and the staff of the other company celebrated workers birthdays. So on my birthday I saw a birthday cake making it's way to the cafeteria...in near panic I told the HR person that I didn't clebrate birthdays ...blah...blah...blah. The HR person said that the cake was to celebrate someone on their side of the business. How relieved I was...but how stupid the HR person must have thought I was!

  • dynamiterose77

    I remember being told that it would be the same as participating in the party itself, or holiday if it was christmas cookies, even if you waited until well after. It was compared to people purposely getting disfellowshiped to date an unbeliever.

    In third grade a teacher really took pity on me and let me make a construction paper basket with the rest of the class, before easter. I put the basket in my desk so it wouldn't be confused and I wouldn't get easter candy put in when we went to recess. I figured it was JUST a basket if there wasn't any candy. A volunteer parent must have pitied me too, because they took it out of my desk and filled it up. I didn't know what to do. I didn't want to insult people that were just being nice, didn't want things to be wasted, and hoped that if I explained the situation to my mom I would at least get to keep my basket...

    I got into the car, mom saw the basket, I told her what happened... she grabbed the basket, marched into the school, SCREAMED at my teacher. So then I was grounded AND in trouble with my teacher.

    good times.

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