Seeking info - murder suicide in WA Australia - were they Witnesses?

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  • iwasblind

    Hey Guys

    A Grandfather murdered his wife, daughter and 4 grandkids.

    The father says his kids are in a "new system" and says his god is "Jehovah"

    The grandparents lived on a farm and called it their "foreever farm"

    I don't like hype but have seen nothing else about this - does anyone know this family or situation. The father was estranged from his kids and sounded like a complicated family life.

    Really sad situation - even sadder if it is relation to the borg's stupid beliefs.

  • steve2

    Some people shouldn't be interviewed or "allowed" to speak so soon after a tragedy. He babbles on about forgiveness and the killer's doing a "good" job etc. He should just shut least for now.

    The religion of the victims or the father (who was interviewed) remains a matter of speculation - although, as you say, the lingo sounds like JW-speak.

    Besides, the father cannot be a JW - at least not a JW in good standing - unless Aussie JW males are allowed to sport beards.

  • iwasblind

    Thanks Steve2. Yes I am not one for speculation but wanted to put it out there. They obviously are not in a great circumstance being separated. Those poor childrens faces - they looked like tortured home schooled JW kids.


    Is there going to be a bizarre twist in the tale here?

  • Diogenesister

    Not another case.

    Whether jw or not, it's got that extremist view that the final payment of "sin" that results in death being the guarantee of life in the hereafter.

    At first glance the father sounds like what I call a " collateral damage" Borg victim as he seems to have his doctrine mixed up. "Collaterals" are usually family or close to jws, not baptised and sometimes not even having a strong command of jw doctrine. Yet they believe enough that it affects their life, and how they live it, in a very negative way. You often find the totally guilt ridden drug and booze victims in this sub-set of JW-Dom.

  • steve2

    Valid points Diogenesister. Psychologically, he is highly likely to be feeling numb and detached from reality, given all his children are now dead. In such a state, he would be overly given to seeking comfort and reassurance and, if there is any religious influence, re-embrace it.

    I think the media has a responsibility not to exploit individuals who are still reeling from tragic and traumatizing news.

  • freddo
  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    Oh my God...Definitely some connection to the JW cult. Early in the video clip he speaks of being separated from his kids due to sin or wrongdoing on his part...then at 7:20 he speaks of he & his remaining family members 'getting their strength from Jehovah' in coping with the murders...then reassures himself that he'll see them in the new system.

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    ...just another day in paradise...sad!

  • nonjwspouse

    I heard from a source in Australia that the grandparents, fathers parents, are both JWs

    Again it remains speculation as to whether the father was at the time of this horrific scene or if a part was played in it.

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