Seeking info - murder suicide in WA Australia - were they Witnesses?

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  • zeb

    I wondered if they were jw when I saw the family pics. Stay tuned the expected coronial inquest will clarify.


    My Speculation .......

    Grandfather - was a high-control 'freak' - .......

    Father was seeking ways to have contact with his children [denied him as he is Df'ed] ......

    Children are not happy + they are autistic .......

    Grandfather is exerting pressure on the mother ....

    Grandfather exerts ultimate weapon of control ....................

  • joey jojo
    joey jojo

    Have reasonably good info that the dad was raised a JW but never baptised. He used to take the kids to meetings. Don't know the details of the marriage break-up but I believe the ex-wife and her parents were NOT JW's.

  • nugget

    A real tragedy. Whether the murderer was a JW is unclear but he seems like a very controlling person. I think it is unlikely we will ever know what was in his mind.

  • smiddy3

    I watched the video of Aaron Cochran and I agree with Diogenesister assesment of the situation.

    What I would call fringe dwellers of the religion other family members fully in but they are neither in or out yet highly influenced by the religion where it suits them. They are vulnerable people and also victims of the cult.

    Maybe the Grandfather thought the situation was hopeless and that if they died before Armageddon they would be assured of a resurrection.

    Thinking like a true Jehovah`s Witness.

    I also agree with Steve .

    13 hours ago13 hours ago

    Some people shouldn't be interviewed or "allowed" to speak so soon after a tragedy.

    People in shock can say the damndest things.

  • stuckinarut2

    oh wow...


  • zeb

    In the news paper "West Australian" today it states the people were jw.

  • smiddy3

    I have been thinking about this tragedy and after watching the video of the father and his demeanor it would not surprise me in the least if he didn`t commit this crime and staged it so that it looked like his father in law committed the crime after all he was the one who had the motive not his father in law.

    Speculation has been that the FIL was the guilty party , what was his motive .?

    I speculate that it may have been the father of the children and husband of his wife that committed the crime.

    What was his motive ? his wife`s parents were influential in breaking up the marriage and separating him from his children and his wife ,and the children were Autistic ,he was also influenced to some degree by the Jehovah`s Witness belief in a resurrection of the dead if they die before Armageddon which he alluded to in his speech.

    And saying they were now in the New system of things. { typical J.W. teaching }

    The media has jumped to the conclusion the father in law committed this crime maybe law enforcement should take a closer look at the father of the children .and husband of the estranged wife..

    I`m just saying its another possibility .

  • JaniceA

    Unless the police a re waiting for him to dig himself a hole, I imagine he has a really good alibi. He is the natural suspect at first until he is ruled out.

  • JaniceA

    The dad sounds nuts. None of that narrative with all the approval at the grandfather's modus operandi sounds remotely normal. Maybe I'm being harsh but he seems to have some screws loose.

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