Australian Family Murder-Suicide - JW connection?

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  • freddo

    In the Sydney Morning Herald - according to a link on exjwreddit it seems that there is a jw connection to this dreadful tragedy.

    It is a long article and I quote a couple of sentences and the headline.


    'Peter didn't snap. He thought this through': Father of shooting victims speaks'

    First paragraph

    The grief-stricken father of four children shot dead in their beds on a West Australian farm says their grandfather, who pulled the trigger, "did not snap" but had been "thinking this through for a long time".

    Part way down

    The bodies of Mr Miles and his wife Cynda, his daughter Katrina, and his four grandchildren Taye, Rylan, Ayre and Kayden Cockman, all of whom had autism, were found shot dead on a 30-acre property in Osmington on Friday.

    Further down (statement by father of dead children - and ex son in law of believed killer)

    While Mr Cockman believes the Miles family's own struggles were the catalyst for the murder-suicide, he said he had experienced his own battles with the family, including over the custody of his children since his divorce from Ms Miles.

    "I've had so much anger ... ever since I was cut off from my kids for six months. That was due to Peter and Cynda," he said.

    Twenty something paragraph (26?)

    Mr Cockman said he had been supported by his family and his faith.

    "I've got an awesome, powerful strong family,'' he said. ''They get their strength from Jehovah and so do I."

    - - - - - - -

    It does seem on the face of it that there may be a jw/exjw situation - does anyone on here know any more?

  • jwleaks

    The family and the deceased are personally known by a number of people within the XJW community here in Australia, including friends of mine. They are in mourning, like many of us, but especially for the children. A tragic situation for all.

  • Tallon

    All I can say is that it is a tragedy beyond which words can describe. RIP.

    Condolences to the family and friends.

  • Giordano
    It does seem on the face of it that there may be a jw/exjw situation - does anyone on here know any more?

    I read up on this when we had that recent case of the DF JW wife who shot and killed her husband, and grown children.

    "NEWSWEEK's Raina Kelley spoke to Jack Levin, professor of sociology and criminology at Northeastern University and author of "Serial Killers and Sadistic Murderers: Up Close and Personal"

    NEWSWEEK: What is a family annihilator?
    LEVIN: A family annihilator is usually the husband/father (certainly one of the family members) who kills the family unit, not just his wife or one of his children, but every member of the family.

    What could the motive for such a crime possibly be?
    Typically the motive is either revenge or altruism.

    There are certain factors that we find in almost every annihilation, especially the ones where the motive is revenge: There's a catalyst that is seen as catastrophic in the mind of the killer. The percipient is usually a nasty divorce or child-custody battle. There's a loss of a relationship. There's an externalization of blame.

    When the motive is altruism, the catalyst is usually financial disaster. The killer is convinced that he no longer has the ability to take primary responsibility of his wife and his children. He may have lost his job in an economy that's going south............. The husband/father feels that he............won't ever be able to take care of his family. He feels a responsibility for the well being of his family and their current existence is so miserable that they would be happier in the hereafter where they can reunite after death.

    Gio: We have often heard that some JW parents on finding out their grown children plan to leave their faith may express a hope that the child dies in an accident before that happens so that they may have a chance for the resurrection.

    JW beliefs and other religions....lend themselves to this convoluted thought process that could gain a resurrection and paradise (earth).

    Unfortunately the lack of depth in many if not all religions allows some disturbed people to commit a murderous crime in the hope that it will do some good.

    One of the greatest mass killing of 'family' was Jonestown.

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