I put up lights this year

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  • Sabin

    Zoos, try turning the lights on! your see what your doing then.

  • blondie
    The secret of the lights is to put them on your trees starting in spring. White lights are best looking. We don't hang lights on the house, just snowflake stakes (solar) and snowflakes on the windows starting with the first snowfall (we get early snow) and leave it up until spring. But leave the white lights in the trees up all year long. Our neighbors love the lights and put them up now all year long themselves...just like Disney. After 14 years, no visits from any elders about that. Maybe the elders are more Nazi in your area...lots of elders that live double lives here. One even said Disneyworld was the closest place to the kingdom on earth.
  • SafeAtHome

    Great thread. Let's post some pictures of our decorations. We too have lights strung up on a screened patio all year, I love the little white lights. By mid November I start putting away my fall decorations and bring out winter. Mine is not so much Christmas as winter so I can leave it up till spring. Here is the guy who greets anyone who comes to my front door.

  • blondie

    I'll add that I know elder's families that go down to Disneyworld over Christmas, and if you have been there you know the music, the decorations all over.


  • Phaedra

    Putting up lights means much more than putting up lights. Take back your life from this parasitic organization who demands your life force and gives nothing in return.

  • Faithful Witness
    Faithful Witness

    This is year 5 for us, decorating for Christmas with the kids. We add a little each year. Our lights are crooked, but the kids love it.

    Each year, we add new characters and lights. This is the army that greets you today, should you pass or enter our driveway. There is no doubt that this family celebrates Christmas.

  • timeheals

    hi all,

    my first real christmas, its kinda hard i left the religion about 5 months ago...i am still thinking i am doing something wrong...grrrr...i hate this back and forth in my head...to do or not to do

  • Village Idiot
  • Finkelstein

    One thing that's appreciative once you leave a highly controlling religion is that you can cerebrate what you want to celebrate or how much you want to celebrate.

  • FayeDunaway
    Timeheals, that does happen in the beginning! As your username suggests, it takes time to let yourself be Ok with holidays. We were taught since infancy that they are bad! BAD! and this stuff is really ingrained. The first thing I did was touch a potted little evergreen tree at a nursery and think about how nice it was and that it would be kind of fun to decorate. Baby steps!

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