I put up lights this year

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  • Zoos

    I have ALWAYS wanted to do that.

    Nothing special. In fact, I have learned I'm not very good at it. I have many talents. Christmas decoration is not one of them. (I struggle with posting interesting crap on discussion forums too.)

    But... DAAAYUMM! I put up lights this year. Had a blast!

    When the sun goes down a little more I'll take a picture and show off my low-rent display.

  • Sabin

    Zoos I so look forward to seeing them. Is it the rebellious side of you coming out? is this your first xmas? Have fun. Oh BTW make sure you put up mistletoe, get lots of kisses.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    Yes, it does feel ''fun'' to be doing Xmas stuff in a way.
  • mommyfirstandalways
    I hope to be able to do that one day. I have always secretly loved Xmas. Especially all the lights. Congrats. Is a big deal to be free to do whatever u want to do.
  • YinzerDad
    I especially look forward to it. Several lost year to be made up by outdecorating the neighbors!
  • Introvert 2
    Introvert 2
    While not into the X-Mas lights thing I love the calming effect of poinsettia plants. I'll get a couple around the fireplace this year.
  • possum

    Zoos I'll take a picture and show off my low-rent display.

    We used to live on a street that would enter the "best christmas decoration". Buses and cars would come by at night to look.

    How Embarrassing!!! our house was the non-pagan/ super self righteous/no community spirt/ dark one !!!!!

    Will look forward to your pics for inspiration!!

  • FayeDunaway

    I was in the grocery store when they started playing 'have yourself a merry little Christmas.' I started bawling.

    This part:

    here we are as in olden days

    happy golden days of yore

    faithful friends who are dear to us

    gather near to us

    once more

    i started thinking of my 'worldly' grandparents. They were so sweet. They must have been so lonely, wishing they could share christmas with us. And now that I've left the religion, they are gone. I never got to have those olden days with them.

    I hate my parents' damn extremist religion. It still makes me cry in public, years after I've left it.

    yeah, we've got to try to make up for it. I make sure my kids always get to have themselves a merry little Christmas.

    Zoos im happy for you and your Christmas lights. And don't worry, I'm definitely the lamest OPer here, with two original posts. TWO.

  • millie210

    Nice Zoos!

    Cant wait to see your pictures.

  • Seeking agape
    Seeking agape
    Awesome! I want to see! I'm fully celebrating Christmas and thanksgiving this year but I'm still to nervousness to decorate

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