I put up lights this year

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  • Zoos

    Turns out one of the OTHER talents I lack is taking night time pictures.

    Oh well. I had fun anyway.

  • tiki

    Hang in there zoos....practice makes perfect!!

    But the stringing lights can be tricky...

  • WTWizard

    The first time, it is probably going to look either wimpy or sloppy or both. However, it is a first step. You look at what you could have done better, and build from there. Next year, you fix some of the mistakes you make this year, and you improve. A different color combination of lights and ornaments, or perhaps putting in a few more to make it less wimpy, or learning how to put things up for the best impact. In time, you might get good enough to outdo some of those who have been doing the same thing, mindlessly, year after year.

    Even now, however lame, wimpy, or sloppy your first attempts may be, you are better at decorating than those jokehovians that don't even give it a chance. Even if it is a single candle in the window or a single string of lights thrown on your railing, that's more than you would have had if you would never have tried or had you chose to obey joke-hova and not do it at all.

  • Simon

    I've done the tree and lights things but I've now decided it is just a chore and burns electricity for nothing and causes injuries (how many people hurt themselves putting up or tasking down lights?).

    It's probably easier if you're someplace warmer but we have to put lights up in September otherwise you could be trying to do it in ice and snow (not good) and then you won't get to take them down till March or April.

    Sod that. We just lookout at the pretty decorated houses that all the neighbors put the effort into, LOL

  • blondie

    We have up white lights in our trees all year long...like Disney. Not Christmas lights. We put out snowflakes lights and stakes and snowmen. Winter decorations start with the first snow of the season and up till the last snow is gone for 2 weeks. After all making snowmen out of snow is not pagan.

    *** g70 1/22 p. 3 The Wonders of Winter ***

    But winter is not all bad, is it? Ask almost any child tumbling in the snow what he thinks of wintertime. Ask the children shaping a snowman, or the young folks skating on frozen ponds, or the adults skiing down powderlike slopes, or grandfather reading a book next to a blazing fireplace. They may tell you that winter is “fun,” “a wonderful time of the year,” despite its hardships.

  • FayeDunaway

    Blondie I can't imagine them writing that these days. Approval of snowmen, which is associated with christmas?? Approval of skiing? A costly activity done when you could be preaching? Quoting a song associated with christmas??

    Come to think of it I'm pretty sure you could find some historical indication that snowmen are pagan if you looked hard enough. :D

  • FayeDunaway
    Just for kicks: A Wicca site said a snowman is a 'Protective guardian' outside your home. A historical site said snowmen were probably originally snow women, and symbols of fertility based on their round figures. I didn't look too much further but YEP, you can find pagan origins of snowmen, as well as everything everywhere you ever look!!
  • blondie
    I would check more official sources....after all wedding rings are pagan, luaus, and piñatas as well, yet jws can use them. You can find more proof in the WTS publications on those than snowmen....never heard of snowmen unofficially in any jw congregation as being pagan.
  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    People in the Borg should consider this, ''What is wrong with putting lights on our trees, eaves troughs, they're just lights? Just as long as it's nothing Xmasy.''

    But reality, most if not ALL of the local gestapo elders wont' see it that way.

  • Zoos
    The first time, it is probably going to look either wimpy or sloppy or both.

    Yeah, it turned out a bit wimpy. It looked a lot better in my mind.

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