CO working at Walmart

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  • LongHairGal


    There is always the possibility that this elderly JW is working because he wants to get out of the house and stay active!...But I doubt it.

    I’ll never forget as long as I live how negatively I was viewed by the JWs because of my full time job. I was ‘shunned’ and hardly invited anywhere..I was considered ‘unspiritual’. Whatever. Thankfully, I held onto my full time job and am now retired!

    The JW religion made a monumental error knocking college and careers - but has the balls to be constantly asking for money! Nobody is coming up to me with an envelope asking for contributions for the various needy people there. No way....Some JWs never wanted to work and are lifelong deadbeats. Others are people with serious issues who were brought into the religion to fill the empty seats in the halls.

    I’m sure this is happening in Kingdom Halls all over the place. Brothers are probably trolling around looking for likely persons to ask... Anybody who gives will be targeted over and over like an ATM machine..This is a total turnoff and I think they are going to lose more people because of it. It’s just as well I ‘faded’ from the religion because I couldn’t tolerate being around this.

  • nowwhat?

    He must know someone at Wal-Mart. Seems under qualified to get that job!

  • OrphanCrow
  • humbled
    Girl next door-They may deserve it but it still makes me sad. I wish they could taste the sheer joy and freedom and growth that comes from escaping the clutches of a coercive mind controlling cult.

    yes, that is the greater pain—Daily smiling-meeting /greeting the “goats”you believe are heading to destruction. Your brain frozen.

    I don’t have a secure financial life by any means. But 10 years out of the depressing drag of JW life I often stop filled with gratitude that I’m out of it. Whatever life brings me I don’t have that ball and chain. If I were a Walmart greeter l would still be free.

  • flipper

    GIRL NEXT DOOR- Great thread. You asked how many of these C.O. ' s thought Armageddon would " save " them ? Probably almost 100 % of them. Sadly, my now deceased parents felt the same way and they were in the JW cult for 65 years or so. Now they're dead without any fulfillment of anything- other than being dead just like the entire human race experiences.

    And I agree with you- think of how many talents get left by the wayside totally unused because all of these people are counting and betting their money on a pipe dream ? Very sad indeed. I wouldn't want to die and end my career as a Walmart greeter. Rather be playing music and set a can up somewhere for people to contribute money ! Take care, Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • sir82

    Yeah that's sad.

    Back before they implemented the age 70 forced retirement for COs rule, we had a guy who was well north of 80.

    His picture appeared in the dictionary next to "doddering".

    He'd wobble up to the stage, and ramble disjointedly about not much of anything, run overtime, then sit down.

    He was just tired, old, and confused.

    He was clearly burned out and should have gone off the CO routine decades earlier.

    Every time he visited, I always thought "this is a guy who ought to be sitting in a rocking chair playing with his grandkids, not shlepping up and down the circuit 48 weeks a year". But of course he had no kids and thus no grandkids.

    The Walmart CO makes me sad in a similar way. The guy ought to be out fishing or reading or napping or something, while collecting his Social Security and work pension.

    But he has no work pension and probably gets no more than $500 from Social Security. So he has to drag his arthritic body to Walmart to earn enough money to eat something more than ramen and saltines.

  • nowwhat?

    Yep big let down from being promised a hillside chalet and a pet panda!

  • ToesUp

    I would love to say that I feel sorry for these guys, but I can't. So many of them were cruel and heartless with the congregations they served. They talked down to those who got higher education, who had to support a family, etc. We are witnessing some aging family members who were cruel or just judgmental to those of us living a "normal" life. Now these judgmental elderly ones are wondering why NO ONE is around to look after them. They forget how they treated others.

  • punkofnice

    We don't have Walmart here in the UK. I can only imagine what a high up Jobo would be like as a 'greeter'.

    'Hello little boy, would you like to see some puppies?'

    Ooops. did I think that out loud?

  • dropoffyourkeylee

    In the US you need 40 quarters of employment paying FICA taxes to get Social Security benefits. It is possible he doesn’t have any SS and has to work.

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