Well, the Apostasy Accusations Begins...

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  • Darkknight757

    That zinger at the end about the 1914 generation was priceless. Nice job. It's always fun stunning them to silence. They know they are wrong but their mind cannot come to grips with it.

    Just be prepared to lose conditional hall friends when or if word get around. But "worldly" people make great friends. There is nothing wrong with them and best of all, they won't judge your every move and you can be yourself around them.

  • Sorry

    UPDATE: After thinking of my parents feelings and the advice from you lovely people, I realized I went about everything wrong and decided to swallow my pride, be the bigger person and apologize. And surprisingly, they took it well. I said "I'm sorry (say that a lot these days) I got snappy with you. I shouldn't have done that. After all, the Bible says children should honor their parents. I was childish and wrong for what I said. I just wanted to be right. I didn't mean any of it." Then my parents embraced me and my father proceeded to say "I shouldn't have called you an apostate. That's serious. I was a lot like you when I was your age, independent. We just need to do what your grandparents did to me, and keep that fault-finding attitude in check."

    So, everything is peaceful at the home front again. And even though I really didn't want to, I'm glad our house isn't a war zone anymore. My father and I worked on my car, then he finished it off with "Isn't Jehovah great? Most worldly families can't get past minor conflict." All's well ends well I guess.

  • Darkknight757

    It's good that things are smoothed over but it's too bad he feels that "worldly" families cannot get past conflict. The GB feed an abnormal impression of regular families to its members and they just soak it up. Sad.

  • DesirousOfChange

    Did you really think they would say, "Actually, son, you've made really good points which we will carefully consider."

    No. They will never really say that. But they may very well THINK IT. My elderly Mom has somewhat awoken to TTATT. Not that I want her to leave her Cong and all of her old cronies friends, but she has quit nagging at us and our kids about what we do (and more important, what we DON'T do -- like meetings and Field Circus).

    For some folks, nothing works like Shock Treatment.

    However, please note this Sorry: I don't know your situation, but I am a retired middle-aged adult, living in my home, having all my kids raised and out of the house, and soon expect my Mother to be moving in with me when she can no longer care for her own needs. I AM NOT dependent on her in any way. If I was a teenager or 20-something living under my parents roof, I'd know it would be wise to be more tactful or STFU. . . . Good luck! . . . Doc

  • steve2

    Wow - you showed real maturity by apologising and how great that your parents normalised your earlier responses. It sounds like underneath it all, there's a pretty solid relationship with your folk.

    This is a fantastic time to show how much you love and appreciate them, as distinct from their being JWs. There will be a time when you can strike out on your own - as all kids do. There is no urgency. In a few years time who knows what mood will prevail in the organisation as the end delays even more.

    Love and respect are far more powerful over time than parting shots and snide remarks. Good on you for dealing effectively for the longer term good with an admittedly very trying situation.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    Good Job SORRY. I've found that things work best if I simply ask my JW family questions that I sincerely want to understand and no matter what they say... just leave it at that.

    Often in the process of answering your simple questions, they see the lameness of their answers and they begin looking at their beliefs in a literal way and you come off as someone who is wanting to understand "the truth" better.

    For example:

    You: Have you ever wondered why Jehovah needed the Israelites to have an army when sometimes he used angels to wipe out his enemies?

    Them: Well Jehovah always has his reasons.

    You: Yeah... I know but I wonder if any Israelites were killed or injured in any of the battles? The Bible talks about them having won these battles but surely some of the Israelites must have gotten killed or injured.

    Them: Well if any were killed they'll be resurrected in the new system.

    You: Yeah that's true....I'll bet they're going to be surprised to find out that the resurrection happen 2 thousand years later or maybe more if it doesn't come in our lifetime. I wonder if they thought the new system would arrive in their own lifetime like we do.

    Just leave it at that and let them say whatever they want. Tthe next time ask them something simple like:

    You: So when the Angel was posted at the entrance of the garden of Eden, he had a spinning sword that kept Adam and Eve away. I wonder what it was made of since steel and even the sword itself hadn't been invented yet?

    Them: Well Jehovah's intellect and ability to create is far beyond mans.

    You: True....I suppose you could say Jehovah was the inventor of the first weapon.

    Anyway you get the idea, just get them to think beyond what they've always thought about, but don't argue with them or contradict them. JW's are used to the comfort of thinking they have all the answers and they have it made. Don't be confrontational....help them save face while they sort out this new way of looking at things, that you are presenting to them.

  • smiddy

    Sorry , you have shown wisdom and humility beyond your age I commend you for how you handled yourself .

    I hope everything works out well for you in the future yet at the same time keep learning about TTATT for when you can branch out on your own and be your own person .

    You dont have to be at war with your parents , if they choose to be at war with you in the future ? then thats their problem and rests on their shoulders

  • Alostpuppydog

    Nice comeback, but know that your family will kick you to the curb if you continue to back talk them. That's what happened to me! 😇 And then you'll have to work 80 hours a week with 2-3 part-time jobs and sleep in your car until you can land a 40 hour/week job. It will happen if you don't hush up. The decision is yours.

  • Nevuela

    Kudos for standing up to them. Next time you do, you might want to add:

    1. that their precious God doesn't condone talking shit about people or casting judgment on them, and that includes "worldly" folks celebrating 4th of July

    2. that we are to love our neighbors as ourselves because Jesus said that is the second most important commandment after loving God

    3. that "worldly" people don't know any better because their interpretation of the Bible doesn't tell them do this/don't do this

    4. that if you're not to have anything to do with "worldly" people, then you shouldn't even be watching TV, which is produced by, stars, and depicts characters that are, by the vast majority, non-JW/worldly. Nor should they seek out the help of worldly police, doctors, lawyers, gardeners, builders, etc.

    Take your pick.

  • never a jw
    never a jw

    My parents told me why I should celebrate a country that doesn't care about me.

    Funny your father said that. My mother in law (87 y.o) moved to the Unites States about ten years ago. She has never worked in the U.S. or paid any taxes, but she gets about $900.00 a month in her bank account (SS from husband and other social benefits from the government). She gets Medical, Medicare. She doesn't pay a penny of medical insurance. She qualifies for housing benefits and is planning to get them.

    EDIT to add:

    I forgot to write that she is a zealous JW who constantly calls the government of Satan corrupt

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