Well, the Apostasy Accusations Begins...

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  • Crazyguy

    Nice final comeback!!!

  • iwasblind

    Hey I can totally relate to your frustration but as Smiddy and others have stated, that kind of discussion will never open their eyes.

    I have the same with my in-laws. Totally unreasonable and we now regret the past conversations, because anything we say now gets blocked by their brain.

    If you want to help yourself and them, try find peace by venting somewhere else.

    It is definitely easier said than done - I get "the rage" a lot still. I don't know if you still believe but I am praying for God's peace to be with you.


    If you don't mind ruffling feathers, you could remind your parents:

    1) Apostasty is a crime that merits everlasting death. Are they really going to accuse you of that?

    2) Gerrit Loesch told the courts that he was not under the authority of the WTBTS.

    3) If not believing WTBTS teachings is apostasy, than why aren't the GB DF'd? After all, at least one of them had to march into their weekly meetings with doubts about current doctrine.

    4) Many were DF'd in the 80's for believing that ONLY the GB was the faithful slave, not ALL of the anointed; a teaching that you must NOW accept as truth.

    5) An upcoming WT article says that the GB can make mistakes in doctrine.

    6) How can anyone be an apostate for not believing a human idea?

    There's a great 1980's letter that says "apostasy" is not believing all the unique teachings of JWism. So if you did not believe that the GB were appointed of Christ's belongings ( a teaching now considered false ), or that ALL anointed were the FDS ( a teaching now considered false ), you were an apostate.

    If you didn't believe the 1995 generation teaching you were an apostate, deserving death......until it was allowable to believe the new interpretation, which could be wrong as well. 😑

    Be warned, their heads may explode....


  • jookbeard

    that last sentence was pure classic, brilliant!

    Be careful how you tread now though , you know a set of events will have been triggered, exactly the same happened to me, I was letting off little soundbites about their history etc and all of a sudden got the call at my door and two elders standing there.

    I admire you honesty and bravery, these issues are very difficult to tackle.

  • pale.emperor

    "Yes, like he took care of the generation of 1914."

    BOOM! Well done.

    As smiddy says, be careful. I'd make a point of not discussing religion period in that house. It's a can of worms waiting to be opened.

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    A moment's pleasure in telling them truths will not outweigh the potential repercussions for yourself.

    For your own sake, "let sleeping dogs lie" until you are ready in all respects to deal with the indoctrinated J.W. backlash. It will come - sooner or later.

  • nakanozzi

    Great post. Thank you.

    I'll introduce your story to Jws in Japan

  • Miss Worldly
    Miss Worldly

    Ok Sorry, like the others have said, please be careful how you attack this. And do please remember they are still your parents. But......

    .... If Thanksgiving is so awful because it celebrates 'getting rid of the Indians' wiping them out? Know where I'm going with this? ....

    .....*scratches head .... Isn't that the same thing that JWs are waiting for? For a whole race to be wiped out? ?

    ..... Just saying.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    sounds like your average normal disfunctional JW family to me.

  • biblexaminer

    Just politely inquire "How's your ministry progressing these days, any success in talking to someone who has listened to the news or read the story of Jehovah's Witnesses covering up pedophila?"

    Or ask "Has anyone at the doors asked you about the letter Watchtower wrote when they disassociated themselves after their secret affiliation with the UN?"

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