Well, the Apostasy Accusations Begins...

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  • Sorry

    So, it finally happened. The first time I have been called out for being an apostate.

    It started out innocently enough: my family and I were watching a TV show. Next thing I notice, the family on the show were shooting fireworks for the 4th of July. My parents, on cue, started to insult the family and boost about their everlasting life. It was like something in me snapped. In the middle of their cackling, I said: "what's so wrong about July 4th? Not like it's pagan." My parents told me why I should celebrate a country that doesn't care about me. Due to JW stance on politics, I move on to Thanksgiving. "Same for Thanksgiving. Has no pagan origins." Then they said JWs ate thankful everyday and don't need a day to show that. "Still, nothing wrong with having a feast with your family and friends." Then they made it a point that we should have no part of the world. Besides, the origins of Thanksgiving is horrible: the original Thanksgiving was a celebration of getting rid of the Indians. At this point I'm annoyed, do I shoot back with: "If origin is so important, how come we don't follow nearly none of Russell's teachings anymore? Most of them are considered wrong today." My father states: "The light gets brighter. Jehovah eventually reveals the truth, so that's why things changed." "What about the issues that have gone back and forth? The Watchtower itself said new light shouldn't contradict old light. Doesn't a Scripture in Deut. say that anyone who has a wrong teaching is a false prophet?" Then came the raised voices. My father then said "you've been around too many worldly people. You've turned apostate." My mom nodded in agreement. "Even if you have questions that can't be answered, have faith Jehovah will take care of it" For the first time, I got the last word: "Yes, like he took care of the generation of 1914."

    Their faces were priceless. I've been 'marked' by my parents. And it actually feels great.

  • prologos

    I wish you well

  • scratchme1010

    "Yes, like he took care of the generation of 1914."

    Doesn't it feel so good to do that! Recently I just posted something about me snapping at my JW parents for the same disrespectful thing they do to other people's faiths and celebrations. It's just downright disrespectful to ridicule or mock other people's believes and customs.

    HOWEVER, I have to add that I when I put my parents in their place for being disrespectful to other people's believes I was already completely independent from them. I was in the position of doing that without serious shunning consequences. I don't know what your situation is, but please take care of yourself and do whatever helps you remain at peace for the time being if you still live and/or depend on your parents.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    Good story SORRY but tread lightly. Tempting as it is to have the last word, be sure you have a plan and know how you want things to turn out. Try to work it so that you don't loose your family just for the sake of having the satisfaction of having your say. It's possible in many cases (if you play your cards right) to have your cake....and eat it too.

  • StephaneLaliberte

    I once pointed out to my dad that he promised me that our family would never die because it was written black on white in the bible : this generation shall not pass away.

    I said: Dad, you, lied to me and kept that lie going. You`re now old and we already buried some of our family. You lied to me. What you said was a fact was a lie. I never thought I would live to see you growing old. If that is not a false prophecy, I don't know what is.

    That argument, along with some others, are the reasons why my dad still talks to me.

  • OneGenTwoGroups

    The generation thing is your trump card, kudos for saving that until last. That hurts the most.

  • steve2

    Well you may have won the battle but you could still lose the war.

    Perhaps I come from a different generation than you, but here goes: I would have never spoken to my parents they way you did.

    What ever is gained by suddenly turning on anyone about their beliefs - and to do so in a provoked frame of mind (as when you saying something "snapped").

    Did you really think they would say, "Actually, son, you've made really good points which we will carefully consider."

  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel

    What they need is a good turkey dinner with gravy, green beans w/bacon, dressing, fluffy white dinner rolls (did I mention gravy?) and pumpkin pie. I'd celebrate the Feast of Saturn for some of that action! Because on Paradise Earth, everyone's going to be eating bee pollen for eternity. Except for the Heavenly Hope crowd. They apparently warrant a better shake in the next life.

    Did I say "shake"? I wonder why chocolate malts went out of favor?

  • smiddy

    Sorry , In an earlier post you said you didn`t have a support system even if you wanted to leave.

    Your 18 years old and still living at home , you need to bite your tongue and respect your family providing for you until you can branch out on your own and be independant.

    Dont bite the hand that feeds you.

    Learn to control your tongue.Otherwise you will only make life more difficult for yourself.

    Take care.

  • steve2

    Change the topic a bit and you come across as a fairly typical teen who challenges Mom and Dad over the way they do things but you remain very dependent on them for room and board . The easy part is arguing, the hard part

    making your way in this big, scary world. As much as they get on your nerves for the way they speak, they're still providing you a roof over your head.

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