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by Freedom rocks 34 Replies latest watchtower child-abuse

  • mrquik

    The answer to " where else to go?" you get from witnesses is as follows: The answer was never "where to go". It was always "when to go". With the realization that 1914 wasn't the beginning or ending of anything, witness logic is forced into the following line of reasoning: No 1914; no end of Gentile Times. No end of Gentile Times; no beginning of Christ's Kingdom. No beginning of Christ's Kingdom; no only true religion. No only true religion means that all religions today, including Jehovah's Witnesses, are part of Babylon the Great. Bible expressly commands all true followers to leave false religion.

  • dubstepped

    Yes Bobby, by spinning and trying anything possible to prop up a pedo protecting organization, a destructive cult that destroys families and helps nobody but their own, you are showing how easy it is to ignore facts.

    Does it make you happy every time a kid is messed with and the elders do nothing and the parents out of "loyalty" to your cult do nothing as well? Does it make you happy when some of those victims commit suicide later because holy spirit, elders, and parents all failed to do anything? Do you get off on seeing lives and families destroyed? You wish to see this cult continue? Why? Why don't you step up and tell us what you believe so that we can scrutinize that?

    Fuck off Bobby.

  • freddo

    Well, well Bobby - your gravestone shines brightly in the sun today - has it had a nice fresh coat of whitewash? The inscription on it has been picked out in such fine detail and it is a beautiful thing to behold.

    Still full of rotten bones and disgusting things though.

  • Bobby2446

    @ Vidiot.

    lol — it takes up to ten years for a lawyer to sue “guilty” people?

    Of course, you can change the definition of “near future” when it suits you, but that is really a side point.

    If he had evidence that they are (1) breaking the law, or (2) committing a crime then this future lawsuit would have long been initiated last year.

    How long does it take to file a lawsuit against those who are allegedly dead to rights guilty of what they are accused of?

    It certainly does take a time frame between a month and 10 years.

    He needs to admit that he has nothing.

  • Finkelstein

    The WTS has gone through a lot of damaging exposure such as the overlapping generation, to the UN association, to the long time covering up of child sexual abuse situations.

    The GB boys are getting a bit uncomfortable as they say, for its the GB men position and responsibility to create the ongoing illusion that this organization is god's one and only solemnly chosen organization.

    Lies and corruption damage that purposed image, is it any wonder the headlining theme of last years summer assembly was stay loyal to Jehovah.

    " The Truth " of the WTS being a organization of corrupt lying charlatanism has never been more obvious, JWs were lured in to be loyal to the Watchtower Corporation and exploited as such, not loyal to Jehovah and son Jesus Christ.

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