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  • alcyone

    they said 492 were either reported

    Are you using theocratic war strategy?

    When ARC investigated 1006 they found in some cases there was insufficient evidence or "the matters had already come to the attention of the police". This does not change the fact WTS did not report those 1006 cases.

    If WTS hide a case sometimes there is really no sufficient evidence of child abuse. but it does not mean the WTS is correct when they hide it. It is role of police to investigate the matter.

  • dubstepped

    Bobby, like many JW supporters before him, pretty much only posts to fight against protecting pedophiles and other sexual abuse cases. Thinking people would ask themselves why that is the one thing that they choose to fight against so vociferously. It is very curious when these dub-bots come here with such an obsession and the wiliingness to bend and obscure anything they can to do so, as they accuse others of doing.

    Let's say that things are being overblown on both sides here for Bobby's sake. Why not fight against policies and culture of an organization that is protecting pedophiles and other abuses? Why fight against those who are fighting for hurt people?

    Again, fuck off Bobby.

  • Bobby2446


    The “WTS” (The legal entity) are a third party, getting second hand information. Local elders and/or the families of victims or the victims themselves either reported, or are under legal obligation to report, and did report.

    Its a word game you like to play so to twist facts, trying to equate “WTS” with local elder(s).

    Fact is, 99 percent of elders and jws have never been a member of “WTS”.

    So while it’s beyond doubt that “WTS” did not report, that doesn’t mean local elders and victims did not report.

    Nice try, though — I’ll give you a gold star for effort.

  • alcyone

    The “WTS” (The legal entity)

    Better if you reserve gold star for yourself, instead of addressing the point you revert to semantics games like Gerrit Loesch when he stated he has nothing to do with the WTS...

    Local elders and/or the families of victims or the victims themselves either reported, or are under legal obligation to report, and did report.

    They did not report, that's the problem. The branch knew it and they did not report too.

    They did not report because WTS (you know, a legal entity Gerrit Loesch doesn't not know anything about) told them they should not bring brother to the court (The Watchtower, March 15, 1997, pages 17-22). It was only later when book "God's love" stated rape can be reported to the authorities.

  • Bobby2446

    Semantics? lol. The gb legally separated from running the “WTS” in 2001, so calling them agents of “WTS” was legally wrong.

    It’s not semantics for the IT department to say they are not part of the accounting department. You’re just a bit butt hurt that Zalkin was ignorant of how jws were structured and got schooled on it.

    Point is, there is no such thing, and never was, that there are “1006” unreported abusers.

    The ARC really didn’t do its homework.

  • Bobby2446

    By the way, it’s been exactly 11 months and 10 days since Zalkin said the GB will be sued “individually and collectively”, in the “near future”.

    I wonder how well those 1950 WT articles are working for him. Get him a copy of Russell’s books, that way he can prove the GB knew about child abuse for 100+ years but covered it up!

  • Vidiot

    re. the OP...

    If the Org thought that more regular and strident pedo-case-related "persecution" ranting would stoke up greater zeal and loyalty amongst the rank-and-file, believe me, they'd do it.

    The very fact that they almost go out of their way to avoid talking about it speaks volumes, IMO...

    ...i.e., they know it won't have that effect.

    Not to mention the fact that in the Information Age, the particulars of the problem are so easily confirmed as accurate, it's almost laughable. Regularly and stridently dismissing the accusations as "lies" can't help but invite investigation into the matter, thusly exposing said dismissals as lies themselves.

  • Vidiot

    @ Bobby...

    In legalspeak, "the near future" can mean anywhere from next month to a decade from now.

    Seriously, dude, do you honestly think anything you say defending the WTS is gonna change anyone's mind, here?

  • Bobby2446

    You guys are going to die on the hill of “the Information Age”.

    Some dates to keep in mind:

    1997 - internet goes mainstream. Said to be the “death kneel” of the organization.

    2002 - child abuse accusations hits the news. Supposedly the de facto death kneel.

    2012 - Conti case - “the organization will not survive that!

    2015 - ARC will do jws in.

    4/19/18 — the Information Age will confirm those stories as true.

    .....and much more to come!

  • Bobby2446

    I don’t want to change anyone’s mind. I am simply showing how easily people lie and ignore facts.

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