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  • steve2

    It’s anybody’s guess whether the organization will prepare a statement to include on JW.org.

    So far they have said not a word about the investigation and findings of the ARC.

    Sure they prepared a video late in 2017 reiterating their use of the two-witness rule - but they carefully omitted all reference to its controversial use in cases of allegations of child sex abuse and did not explicitly link it to criticism and bad publicity over child sex abuse.

    Besides, the organization has got a lot of mileage out of remaining silent on its website. It realizes the risks of making statements - it draws attention to an issue that, if ignored, may cause less damage.

    But even I have wondered as the bad publicity mounts whether and to what extent they will make a public statement on their website. Past patterns of ignoring what they have done - or continue to do - suggest they will remain tight-lipped.

  • LongHairGal


    You are absolutely right that the most effective way the eyes of Witnesses are opened is when they receive bad treatment by the elders. When this happens, the rude awakening is SO intense that the religion’s promises evaporate and you are staring at the horrible reality. It’s quite shocking.

    This is basically the reason I am out, while others are out because of doctrinal issues. I didn’t have to examine doctrinal issues. The treatment and attitudes I received as a single working woman was enough to make me PIMO. Their bad treatment did me a favor though, because there was nothing to cling to...When the 1995 Generation teaching came out, that catapulted me out the door.

  • joe134cd

    They will move away from (or will be forced to) the apostate driven lies rhetoric, as the evidence mounts. I think it will move more to human imperfection and we need to show love to such ones to return them to jehovahs love. They might even go more crazy a liken it to a testing or sifting process to explain people leaving. Who knows?????

  • Redpill

    They should come out and talk about it openly on JWbroadcasting

    Just like the elders tell everybody, yes its hard to admit mistakes and take the discipline, but it has to happen.

    The Org needs to do this. yes its embarrassing and it will be a big shake up, but trying to cover it up only makes it worse.

  • Redpill

    There are some more cases coming out soon

  • Bobby2446

    The idea that JW will call all accusations "lies" is really quite silly. What JWs do understand is that allegations are simply "allegations", no matter who reports them.

    They also take into consideration that the organization takes a pretty hard stance AGAINST sexual immorality of all kinds. Child sex abuse IS a form of sexual immorality. Those involved, without stopping, are shunned. So knowing that, why would they stop at child abuse as if its any less of a violation? Answer: they wouldn't.

    The fact is very simple: opposers have found an emotional guillotine. Shunning did stop people from joining. Not celebrating holidays didn't work. Shunning political involvement didn't scare people. So lets make up stuff about child abuse and run to the media with it. That WILL cause some outsiders to refuse to join, but it WILL NOT cause an exodus of any sort.

    Knowing this, you accuse JWs of being "controlled". LOL.

    How about this: You come with something that actually jibes with what JWs practice and teach. Running contrary to that only hurts your cause, long term.

  • dubstepped

    JWs regularly refer to allegations as apostate lies, they even refer to things that happened like the ARC as being lies.

    So once again, fuck off Bobby.

  • smiddy3

    How about this: You come with something that actually jibes with what JWs practice and teach.

    How about this Bobby2446 ?

    Kingdom Interlinear Translation Of The Christian Greek Scriptures which contains the Greek Text and does not contain the name /word Jehovah ?

    It does not contain the Tetragrammaton nor does it contain a Greek form of those four Hebrew letters that make up the four Hebrew letters representing the name Jehovah.

    They just do not appear in the New Testament writings .

  • Giordano

    Bobby believing in the the JW religion simply means that a person is bathing in ignorance and thanking god for their daily bread and daily delusion.

    It's not as fanciable as the Mormons where if you've been a good Mormon you can become the god of your own planet. Or as stupid as a believing Christian Scientist, who refuse life saving medical treatment or at least did in the past. Or as off kilter and corrupt as Scientology........... but in the long run the WTBTS is as life threatening as Jonestown was. Except the JW's have a needless body count..... not just one time out...... but every year. As it can be reckless with the welfare, health and education of it's followers.

    The JW's have truly earned their place as one of the dirty dozen religions that prosper by hook or crook.

    If you have noticed Bobo............ God's natural language is silence....everything else is just a bad translation of that silence.

  • Bobby2446

    What are you talking about, Dub?

    The ARC repeated lies. The most famous lie they repeated was the one they themselves debunked last March, that NONE of the 1006 were reported. In that March hearing, they said 492 were either reported or did not have sufficient evidence to warrant a report. So the ARC itself admitted it was lying for months, and then it admitted it did not report the entire 1006 to police (because it didn’t have to). Then it admitted that IT REFUSED TO REPORT accusations lacking evidence. LOL

    How can a two week child safety “investigation” not uncover something as fundamental as several hundred abusers being reported to police, or not having sufficient evidence to warrant a report, until almost 8 months later?

    These are questions thinking people ask themselves. The answer is obvious: 1006 sounds SO much better than 500 when you’re trying to smear an organization.

    It also makes a nice, salacious news headline.

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