The speed with which I exited!!

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  • EverApostate

    The spark for me started off when a JW friend of mine tipped me about the Wrong dates of 607 BC. Satanic flood gates opened when I did my own research on the Internet.

    When I read about the UNO connection, 100% realized how I had been fooled. Stopped attending meeting by then.

    Totally it took about 4 months to realize that I was in a CULT. Disassociated a year later.

  • Sail Away
    Sail Away

    I was all in for 42 years from age 10 until age 52. Tremendous cognitive dissonance nearly killed me-- outpatient hospitalization for severe recurrent clinical depression and PTSD and an emergency hospitalization for toxicity from prescription over medication in less than six month's time.

    Walked out of a Service Meeting knowing I had hit the wall and just couldn't do it any more.

    Spent six weeks on my couch thinking through my doctrinal issues and unjust treatment of friends and family through the years. I didn't talk about it with anyone, as I didn't want to be influenced. I wanted it to be my decision. Got up and told my 30-years-faded husband, DF'd son and daughter who walked away at age 17 that I wasn't going to be a witness anymore. Still a believer; just done. I wasn't going to shun my son. Case closed.

    Took my son's former MIL to the District Assembly as promised. Laughed at the whole 'the feet in Daniel's dream image mean nothing' stupidity ( I had called bullsh*t on the overlapping generation crap the year before.) and thought, "These are bobbled headed Stepford Wives."

    Two weeks later served the substitute C.O. and his wife lunch, but didn't go to the meetings.

    Read The God Delusion (recommended by hubby), Crisis of Conscience and JWfacts in one week's time. The Internet sealed the deal.

    From believer to POMO in three month's time from when I walked out of the Service Meeting until I knew it was a complete lie and a cult.

    Resigned a few years later when I couldn't tolerate being stalked by the local small town JWs any more. Threatened to sue if they came on my property or announced my name from the platform. Not a peep since, and I'm not being shunned (yet).

    At this point I simply don't care. 6.5 years out, happy and free!


  • Jrjw

    Does anyone kn ow where I can get a copy ood crisis of conscience please. It was over £200 on Amazon

  • humbled

    Jrjw—The US eBay has new copies for $30. You are in Scotland?

    edit: see the thread of free download of Fred Frank books in recent conversations. ( it actually costs @ $10). His CoC helped me make my exit. Good luck.

  • AllTimeJeff

    It took Gilead to open my eyes. I actually checked out and admitted to myself that this isn’t the truth smack in the middle of class 119. Such horsehit taught that it was unbelievable. The day in class where I said that to myself, I looked at my now ex and everyone in the class, and they were writing that stuff down like they just said “2+2=4. Got it!” I just couldn’t get over the alarming acceptance of it all.

    From the time of that class to my actual exit was about16 months. I was caught in the rip tide, didn’t know what to do and went to Cameroon for about a half year before returning to the States.

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