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  • Alexandra James
    Alexandra James

    Hello, bon jour, aloha ... first time post here so feel free to move it or help me out in any way!

    This seems to be the week for book releases, as I'm happy to announce my own new book, "How to Reclaim Your Life When It's Been Stolen From You," is now on amazon:


    This book is the result of years of listening to exJWs and others talking about their struggles to move on after leaving their old environment, and learning what has worked for them, and for me. Inside, I talk about anger issues and how to manage those feelings, why you might be overwhelmingly sad even after leaving your old environment, how mental filters can be keeping you from moving on, and how you may have fallen into unhealthy archetypes or patterns of behavior after leaving your religion or relationship.

    I also talk about one sticking point for many people, and that's the subject of forgiveness ... why it doesn't always work, why you may not want to forgive, and why it's okay to withhold forgiveness! I also offer a suggestion for what to do instead of forgiving someone, to move on and be healthy.

    This book is obviously not the do-all, be-all, end-all of advice, but I don't mind saying I'm pretty proud of it and hope it helps people in some way to move forward and be happy and healthy. Thanks everyone!

  • sparky1

    Welcome Alexandra........I look forward to you posting here.

  • Alexandra James
    Alexandra James

    Thank you Sparky!

  • flipper

    ALEXANDRA- Good for you in wanting to assist people to move on from the cult Jehovah's Witnesses. Very true what you say- so many of us EX-JW's have issues in moving on from even a cult mentality or a controlled black and white , or an all or nothing thought process - to me it's impressive when anybody who has gone through these things writes a book to help others. Congratulations on your book release I'll have to check it out.

    I've been out of the witnesses for over 14 years now, but life is a never ending learning process . It's always great to pick up new ideas. Good luck on the success of your book ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • Alexandra James
    Alexandra James

    Thank you Mr. Flipper! Yes I agree, what is the point of coming out if you're stuck and miserable and don't know how to move forward in a healthy and happy way? I'm no licensed expert but I've been there and have seen what works for me and for others. I really just want people to be happy on the outside, so I hope they get some useful information from this.

  • Simon

    Too many exJWs become obsessed with seeking revenge and 'destroying the WTS' instead of making the best of the rest of their life. The WTS controlled them while they were in and in a way continues to control them even when they are out (aside from the lingering influence of having family still in etc...).

    Too many see JWs as the enemy instead of potential victims that may need help in future.

  • Diogenesister

    Welcome Alexandra! Wow I will definitely be purchasing a copy as I love the work you do on you tube and the approach you take, it's much appreciated. Anger is a subject many people avoid as it can make others uncomfortable. We recently had a poster on here that is really struggling with it, yet I feel we all experience it at some point.

    For me, when I had my children, I felt enormous anger as I realised just how cruel and innapropriate witness culture is to children, particularly the fear it instills...not to mention the simple joys it steals from them.

    I think I'm very probably "stuck" at the moment and need help to reach a point of acceptance. I actually recently discovered your website and have been looking at some of your older posts, when I have a moment, so it's funny you've popped up here!

  • Phoebe

    Hi Alexandra,

    I look forward to reading it. We all need help, I know I do!

  • eyeuse2badub

    After the initial shock of discovering ttatt, I was able to move on because I realized that jw's are not my enemy, they are just like we once were---misguided and misinformed! Most of my close friends are still jw's and they know how I feel about "da troof".

    just saying!

  • Alexandra James
    Alexandra James

    Thanks everyone! Hoping to offer even more in the future. Every little bit helps, IMHO...

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