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  • JeffT

    I heard a story shortly after I became a JW about somebody that parked their car on a hill. After they got out it rolled down the hill, something (demon) ran it into the ditch at the side of the road.

    Of course we all knew that couldn't happen just because somebody forgot to set the brake.

  • hoser

    I heard that the smurf toy at the Kingdom Hall bit a kid on the leg.

  • BluesBrother

    I don’t know whether to scoff at this article or to feel a little scared. See what you think.

    ...Awake 1986 22/8. “The Demons controlled Me”

    “ I WAS a spirit medium, a sorcerer, a male witch. I employed divination. I looked for omens. I bound others with spells. I practiced black magic and voodoo. “.................

    “Once I became upset with my grandmother and wanted her to be hurt. I called to the demons, asking specifically that she should cut herself —that afternoon she cut herself with a knife.

    Practicing voodoo, I used articles of clothing and made an image of my brother. I wanted to keep him from bothering me. Afterward, whenever he came within ten feet (3 m) of me, he got shooting pains in his chest and had difficulty breathing. So he learned to keep away from me.

    Later, an acquaintance scoffed at my ability to summon the demons. I knew he dealt in drugs. So I told him he would be arrested and then be released. The demons did just what I requested. Within two months the man was arrested. Afterward the charges were dropped, and he was released. The man never questioned my abilities again.”..............

    “Then, in my communications with the demons, I began using these names when I spoke with them. And it seemed that whenever I dealt with a particular demon, that one’s personality and the way he worked differed from that of another demon I would call upon. I thus came to know scores of demons by name.”

    The demons, of course, didn’t want me to study. But I knew that what I was learning was the truth, and I was not going to give it up even though the demons tried to stop me. They would hit me while I was in bed. Once a blow to the head was so severe that it took hours for the pain to subside. I prayed to Jehovah for help, and after that he kept them out of my room.

    However, the demons didn’t give up. From outside my bedroom, they would rattle the windows. They kept it up all night, so that I could only get a couple of hours of sleep. They were trying to wear me down. But I kept praying to Jehovah and going to all the meetings of the Witnesses, and Jehovah helped me.

    True, the demons have great powers. They can even kill people, as they did Job’s ten children. (Job 1:18, 19) And I’m sure they wanted to kill me, since I had been their servant to whom they had granted special powers but who had abandoned them to serve their enemy, Jehovah God. So Jehovah’s ability to protect me is proof that we need not fear the demons.”

  • smiddy3

    True story : An elder in our congregation beleived tha"Skippy The Bush Kangaroo" was Demon possessed to do what he was capable of doing .

    Skippy, An Australian TV show.

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