question about the go bags.

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  • goingthruthemotions

    Hello All,

    its been a minute since posting, have been trying to put this cult in my review mirror and just live life. but you know this beast rears it's evil head. my wife found my crisis of conscience book and out came the horns plus i guess what she is hearing at the meetings isn't helping either. she so so so PIMI, it's disgusting.

    so any ways, i am in our room and notice at the foot of the bed a backpack. first thought was, well she has had enough and is leaving. i looked in it and it looks like a go bag. you know....the kind this cult tells the sheeple to have.

    my question is, are they pushing Armageddon harder or the great tribulation harder than in the past. she has told me of late that she is ready to go and will leave the family when they tell her to leave.

    what a disgusting cult. so anyways.....any PIMO who could shed light on this.

  • the girl next door
    the girl next door

    I live in California in a place prone to fires and flooding and I’ve been through two earthquakes that rendered my dwelling condemned.

    I have serious “go bags”, crates, vehicle upgrades and bug out plans for the entire family along with firearms and ammo to last 6 months.

    Watchtower’s Armageddon isn’t coming but I’m all for emergency preparedness.

    Every year Watchtower gives a chunk of time to talk about preparing for the great tribulation and packing a go bag. Some take it seriously some don’t.

  • goingthruthemotions

    I agree with what you are saying GND. But, her bag looks like something will last her maybe a day or a day and a half. in her mind the org will provide for her if something happens, i guess take her in at a meet up location and give her every thing she needs. to me this unrealistic and the BORG knows nothing is going to happen, it's another way they play on the sheeples emotions.

  • the girl next door
    the girl next door

    It’s a sham. It’s not a serious campaign to teach them legitimate emergency preparedness. It’s a ploy to keep them constantly dwelling on Armageddon as a real possibility by making them accomplish a physical task and then look at that physical “go bag” as a constant physical reminder that the destruction of mankind is a very real foundation of their belief system.

    When I was a little kid my mom would tell me that when the tribulation came we would all just go into the Kingdom Hall and be protected.

    Now they have go bags and bunkers and play more in the element of fear for shock value. If they had a real clue their bunkers would look more like the LDS. ;)

  • Dunedain

    I lived thru hurricane Sandy, here in New Jersey. The ocean is 3 blocks from my home, and there is a fresh water lake, literally across the street from my home. During Sandy the ocean met the lake, and my home, along with about 8 other homes, were surrounded on all sides by water.

    We were literally trapped for a few days, until the water subsided. I was lucky, as my home did NOT flood, but ALL the homes behind me, on both ends of my block, and across from me, flooded. I was an island unto myself.

    No power for 3 to 4 weeks. No gas, no heat, nothing. Many homes collapsed, flooded, and when completely destroyed around me.

    Since then, i have bug out bags for my whole family. I have fresh water stocks, food storage, guns, ammo, generators, everything. I am prepared now. I have enough food, water, guns, ammo, supplies, you name it, for YEARS.

    I even have go bags, and supplies and food, for my 4 cats, lol. No joke, ready to rock n roll. Got gas masks, antibiotics, gold, and silver for barter, gasoline storage, radiation detectors, NBC suits, nerve gas antidote, shotguns, rifles, pistols, ammo, water filters, hand tools, tents, bug out vehicle/van, everything. Bring on the zombies.

    Its not a bad thing to be prepared. Your wife having a "go bag" is NOT a bad thing. Her relying on the BORG to get her thru the first day, IS A VERY BAD THING. If they are ramping up the tribulation/armageddon crap, then they should be giving REAL advice, and REAL solutions. It sounds like they are NOT, and its a bunch of BS.

    Ask her, if they really are stressing "being prepared", why are they doing that. What is the reason? What are their solutions? If they REALLY feel something is coming, but yet on the other hand, are being vague, and nonchalant about it, is that really right?

    They cant have it both ways. They cant emphasize that the big A is imminent, but offer no solutions, thats a problem. Maybe it will make her think a little. Either way, being prepared aint a bad thing.

  • zeb

    Dunedain, well said."They cant emphasize that the big A is imminent, but offer no solutions,"**

    Being prepared to get out of your house town, city wherever is ok if you have some where to go.

    Go to the kh and be safe? In Philippines in a hurricane the jw went to their kh either by instruction or of their own accord and the hall collapsed killing many.

    Here in west Au we recently had a power out and having lamps made a big difference I was able to lend one each to neighbors. When i can I will be getting an alternative power for the fridge as it wont be the last time it will be needed.

    ** and in any case we were for ever told of the divine protection that would be given us in the event.

  • LongHairGal


    You got all that stuff?? Wow. You must’ve spent a fortune getting it all together. Don’t let your neighbors know or they’ll be breaking down your door.

    I agree that Hurricane Sandy was awful. I think the idea of Go-Bags is great. But, in the case of the Witnesses, where the hell are they going?

    I can see a general evacuation route (to flee from flooding, fire, etc.) depending on where people live, etc. but the feeling I’m getting from some dopey Witnesses is that they are fleeing to some ‘safe haven or promised land’ and that this is their ‘Deliverance’. Is this Exodus 2 ? 🙄

    Again..where are they going?

  • carla

    " told me of late that she is ready to go and will leave the family when they tell her to leave."- just like that she is ready to leave her family, disgusting.

  • Perry

    This JW family has embraced the new kind of Witnessing.

    Put your neighbor in your trunk and tell the to say "Jehovah" ten times while you drive them into the New System.

  • tiki

    First the instruction to listen and obey directions even if they seem crazy....then mini go bags....are they thinking a comet is on the way to pick them up?

    Seriously preparedness in case of emergency, natural disaster is wise....but twisting it the dub way makes you this particular case...why is her go bag solo? Shouldn't it be a family thing?

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