question about the go bags.

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  • OrphanCrow

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    Packing go bags is not exclusive to the JWs. This is an initiative that was put in place post 9/11. Grants and funding are available through FEMA. How handy that the org can get money from Satan's government to implement disaster preparedness and what a loving provision from Jehovah that the initiative fits so nicely into their warped doctrines.

  • sir82

    The "go bag" thing was the WTS's (typically too little too late) response to Hurricane Katrina & the subsequent relocation of thousands of people. Congregations literally lost track of hundreds if not thousands of JWs who relocated, at least temporarily, to surrounding states.

    This of course, cannot be - the WTS can't bear to lose control of their adherents even for a few months.

    And, of course, it was a boon for anyone who wanted to fade - far easier to just disappear.

    So, the reaction was that each congregation has to have a "disaster preparedness plan", each JW family should have a "go bag", each family is expected to provide a list of out-of-state contact numbers to the elders, etc.

    It's actually a good idea - people really should be prepared to evacuate quickly if they live a potentially hazardous area - but the motivation of the WTS primarily is to make sure no one slips through their fingers.

    And of course, the bonus effect is that the WTS can stoke the idea of "get your go bag ready - Armageddon's a comin'!"

  • pale.emperor

    I remember back in 2008 when I was dating the woman who I'd later marry. Whenever I'd stay over at her parents house I'd be in the spare room which was literally a stockpile on bags of pasta, rice, tinned food and bottled water.

    10 years later, the world is still here and all that food must have gone off by now.

    Some entrepreneurial JW nut is even selling go bags to JWs on his website.

    I love how, on their offical website, on a list of essential items the bible is even on there... right at the bottom.

  • EverApostate

    Sometime during 2003, this go bag preparedness was announced in my KH in new Jersey. This was for some Hurricane that came during that time.

    I think the GB, takes these natural disasters to frighten the R&F about a (imaginery) greater impending danger –Armeggadon.

    I have a common sense question. Even if Armeggadon comes, can't Jah protect and feed his people with his mighty angels. Why these go bag stuff and unnecessary terror mongering ? CULT.

  • caves

    'Go bags' are a good thing although I personally call them 'If the fit hits the shan' bags.

    I had these for years and rotate them out on occasion. But unlike the jws its for safety preparedness , as much as I can be. Not for Armageddon.

    Besides when the aliens beam me up I want to offer them some of our earthly canned delights. LOL JK about the aliens.

  • 08out

    I'm all for preparedness, but the tribulation and armageddon are supposedly worldwide, where the hell are you going to ?

  • scruffmcbuff

    Im all for preparedness. Im a mild version of what people call a "prepper" i dont have a room stacked full of supplies. But i do have a couple of weeks of food and water. Just incase.

    What bothers me Bout the JW go bags is 2 things.

    Bugging out aka leaving your home to go to another location should be a last resort. Not your first go to.

    Bugging out requires a plan. Where are you going?by what means? What route?

    Arming elderly people with a rucksack is simply not enough.

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    Don't forget your money and credit card. We do not have enough medicine to store some away. Not all of us have family elsewhere, let alone in the truth. Do not forget that I will be 20 miles away at work, with collapsed bridges and riots in between me and home. There are some good people both around home and work I would team with until I could connect. BTW, the .22 will travel with me.

    The usual way to take care of disasters is to get someone else to put people up in their homes, donate time and money to any rebuilding, and DO NOT specify funds for anything in particular.

    There was a time during the depression that Rutherford stated "we" would all travel in caravans with clothes that never wore out (like the Israelites), and cars that never ran out of gas.

    Being prepared is a good idea. But no one has ever told me what is the big danger here (no ocean or big rivers, volcano, earthquakes. And the "group overseer" is older and in more need than I.

  • 2+2=5

    I always keep a little bag next to my Xbox that I could pack up and move immediately in case of emergency.

  • Drearyweather
    my question is, are they pushing Armageddon harder or the great tribulation harder than in the past.

    Officially, the go bags are recommended by WT only in cases of disaster preparedness. Not Armageddon or GT.

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