Sexual Depredation as a function of male society by men of a Certain Age

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  • Luo bou to
    Luo bou to

    And no women on the GB Cause they are not smart enough unless they wear a head covering

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    While I don't disagree with what you've written Terry, your post has a hint of "virtue signaling" to it. I'm not sure why this topic came to mind. I'm not that much younger than you are and I never thought women were inferior to men. The women in my family for the last 3 generations, had careers, were educated and had families as well. The ones I knew, wouldn't have tolerated being downtrodden. Maybe I'm clueless but it seems to me, most men treat women fairly and most people aren't racist. It's only the actions of the bad guys that are played up. The rest just go about our business as best they can.

    To be fair, we men are the skape goats for just about all the ills in the world. As it is, it's open season on men, especially white men and we just take it because men aren't allowed to complain. We don't allow ourselves to complain and women wouldn't tolerate it if we did. If women were portrayed the way men are in the media etc, there'd be riots in the streets. Men, husbands and fathers are portrayed in movies and TV as immature inept fools who are disrespected by their families. Here it is 2017 and we still think it's ok and even funny when we see a woman being violent toward a man who's made some blunder.

    Not that there haven't been huge injustices done, but it seems like it's the style now for people to find someone else to blame their own failings on.

    3rd world countries resent western countries and revolt

    Employees resent repression by Employers and revolt

    Students resent repression by Teachers and revolt

    Kids resent repression by parents and revolt

    Gay people resent repression by Straight people and revolt

    Women resent repression by men and revolt

    Men resent other men and go to war.

    Men on the whole, are held responsible for repressing women. White Men on the whole are held responsible for repressing non-white women and men.

    I wonder if repressed men of color are included in the repression of all women, or are they only responsible for the repression of women of color? Do repressed white women by nature of their skin color have more privilege and suffer less repression than men of color, or are men of color, by virtue of their gender less repressed than white women? Are men of color said to have "male privilege"?

    It's all very confusing but it's clear that there's a double standard and anyone who appears to have the upper hand in any given situation, is the enemy....the problem...the bad guy...the one to blame It's not enough for the injustices to be stopped so everyone can move on because moving on would mean that we wouldn't have anyone left to blame our problems on.

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    After reading this to my wife she said when we was in the Borg many times she was introduced as my wife or bro. W------wife. Never by her name. Some even asked what her name was. I didn't realize I was doing this. I feel like a idiot now for what I was doing.

    Remembering movies there was 2 John Wayne pictures with Maureen O'Hair in it were he grabs her, throws her over his knee and spanks her. At the time I saw this I thought it was funny now I don't. Thank you for bringing this out. Still Totally ADD

  • eyeuse2badub

    All bible readers, including jw's and ex-jw's, certainly have the bible to thank for the way women are viewed in society. In the bible, women are possessions and are owned by men. All the outstanding male bible characters were rewarded (or punished-lol) with multiple wives for their pleasure. I don't recall too many women in the bible that were allowed to have multiple husbands.

    Yes Hebrew mythology, that is called the bible, has much to do with the way women are viewed and treated even to this day IMHO! After all, men have the god given right to treat women as inferior--right? I believe that in an unconsciousness manner that I also may have been guilty of viewing my wife in a biblical setting as inferior and not as important as a man. As i reflect back on my uber jw days, shame on me. It will never happen again!

    just saying!

  • Crazyguy

    Let's not forget the reason This kinda of treatment of woman is and was allowed is because of two very important books , the Bible and the Quran.

  • TD

    Part of the problem is that we live in a society where entitled dickheads are socially rewarded in every way imaginable.

    Being "Nice" and following the "Golden Rule" pretty much guarantees that the credit for your accomplishments will be given to the Steve Jobs of the world and nobody will remember you when you die.

    For an unmitigated asshole, however the sky is the limit. He can even be president.

  • LongHairGal


    Sorry my comment bothered you - as in how dare I think some man is unattractive.

    The answer to your question is "I don't know". I was never sexually harassed on a job by an attractive man. When I worked I was annoyed by older married men...When I was a young girl I'd never go with an older guy (yuck) , even if he was good looking!

    This thread is about sexual harassment, by the way, and not about white men being blamed for the ills of the world (I happen to agree with you but that's for another discussion).

    Men who sexually harass come in all colors. If a man thinks he can get away with it, he'll go for it.

  • TD


    I sympathize, although I'll probably never truly understand what it's like for a woman in the workplace.

    In that regard, the OP should have been about sexual harassment.

    Only it wasn't

    It was about the evils of older white males and how much better the world will be when they and those influenced by them are dead.

  • steve2

    Pete, you write well from your experience in your family; women write from theirs.

    Plain fact is, when talking about oppressed groups, there will always be exceptions - but they are that: Exceptions.

    It is a shame that many people use exceptions to dismantle or water down the main points being made - I'm not saying you set out to do that Pete - but a reader could be forgiven for concluding that's exactly what you did.

    I've seen it happen elsewhere: Someone speaks eloquently about how women who report rape allegations to the authorities have often felt like they are being re-victimized by the investigation process. Then someone will retort - bluntly or more discreetly, "Yes, but not all allegations are true." And on it goes. Sometimes it's enough to validate the view being expressed rather than questioning it with obvious exceptions.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    I am with you there about the discrimination in employment and women being treated as sex objects. Nothing more revolting than being approached by unattractive men I didn't want.

    Sorry my comment bothered you - as in how dare I think some man is unattractive.

    This is a discussion...your comment didn't bother me in the least. As far as I'm concerned you can "dare" to say whatever you please. I'm a little curious as to why you seem to have jumped to the conclusion that I was "bothered" or that I thought you shouldn't have "dared "to speak your mind? Could it be that you've been conditioned to believe men in general are out to repress you somehow? Hopefully you don't treat the men in your life as if this is so.

    When I was a young girl I'd never go with an older guy (yuck) , even if he was good looking!

    Again, your words seem to indicate that the problem here is the man's appearance, attractiveness or age rather than his inappropriate behavior. You seem to be indicating that you would even be offended if a single eligible man approached you, simply because he was old (yuck) . I completely understand that, but when a man passes over an older woman, simply because of her age (yuck), he's considered a superficial jerk...even a pig. The point I was trying to make earlier is that men are sometimes held to a different standard, by women. Some women are flattered when a an attractive man shows interest in them but are insulted and even call it harassment when a unattractive man shows the exact same interest.

    Handsome Guy: You look nice today

    Woman: (beaming at the compliment) Thank you!

    Old or homely guy: You look nice today.

    Woman: thinking to herself (yuck, why do I get all the creeps?)

    This thread is about sexual harassment, by the way, and not about white men being blamed for the ills of the world (I happen to agree with you but that's for another discussion).

    I'm well aware of the topic of this thread. All I'm "daring" to say is that men through the ages have done what was expected of them by their mothers and fathers. They were expected to take charge, be assertive go-getters and were considered weak if they didn't follow suit. These days, men take all the heat for the actions and traditions of the past and their resulting problems. No one would ever dare to blame the world situation on the lack of assertiveness or the weakness shown on the part of women because women wouldn't stand for it. Today, somehow it's ok to blame everything on men in general even though they were expected to take charge and were despised by women, if they were weak. As I said before, those who are in charge or appear to have all the power, whether it be a parent, teacher, politician, minister or whatever. Even though they are doing their duty, they are often resented and have a target on their back and are damned if they do or don't.

    Despite the obvious oppression, and even though mothers expected their daughters to be demure and "ladylike" there were many women (even doubly oppressed black women) who did what they wanted despite the expectations of their Mothers and bullying by men. Sarah Bickford comes to mind.

    Men who sexually harass come in all colors. If a man thinks he can get away with it, he'll go for it.

    Isn't that a known human trait in general? Men women and children all tend to want what they want and will "go for it" if they think they stand the slightest chance. Most people do the right thing but we only focus on the Men and children who bully others and we ignore the women who've oppressed and bullied and taken advantage of other women when they had the chancel.

    All I'm saying is that as long as we keep hashing over the wrongs of the past, pointing fingers and participating in these old double standards, our progress will be hampered. As long as people are taught to view themselves as victims, they will look for someone to blame their problems on and ignore the fact that it is possible to take charge of their own outcome.

    The original post reminds me of how popular it is in the media to focus on these topics not because they actually care but because these these divisive topics sell $$. The general public falls right into line with the hate. People who have never been harassed or repressed are angry for the people of the past who were and focus on that rather than focusing on the majority of good that takes place and the strides that have been made. Just think what a mess a family would be if the parents focused on the past mistakes of their kids even though they've made good progress.

    The same thing has happened with our human family.

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