Sexual Depredation as a function of male society by men of a Certain Age

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  • TD

    I understand what you're saying, Pete, but to be fair, LongHairGal may live in the U.S. where the unwelcomeness of the conduct is actually one of the three elements that determine hostile work environment. (The other two being the severity and the repetition of the conduct.)

    The moral of the story is to always treat everyone professionally, but yes, the unprofessional conduct of an unattractive man (or woman) is more likely to be unwelcome, human nature being what it is.

    SH is a civil, not a criminal matter so it is not governed by an objective standard, like assault, for example. (Again, in the U.S.)

  • cofty
    The eventual purge of sexism adjustment is not complete and WILL NOT BE until everybody my age and slightly younger, has DIED and those who reared their children in sexist latent prejudices and mindsets have died also. - Terry

    Massive sweeping generalisation!

    You then went on to explain how much your views have changed since your younger days. So why does the cause of feminism need you and the rest of us to die?

  • LongHairGal


    Yes, I do live in the U.S.


    Wow, what a mouthful! You've taken all your grievances and rolled them into one post. It was not my intention to get caught up in yet another political thread. (TD does have a point though: human nature being what it is, the unprofessional conduct of an unattractive person male or female is more likely to be unwelcome.)

    It is still a man's world no matter what you say. 'Nuff said.

  • cofty

    This used to be my ringtone.


  • jws

    Still Totally ADD wrote:

    Remembering movies there was 2 John Wayne pictures with Maureen O'Hair in it were he grabs her, throws her over his knee and spanks her. At the time I saw this I thought it was funny now I don't. Thank you for bringing this out. Still Totally ADD

    I remember dating a girl who showed me part of an Elvis movie (I think Blue Hawaii) where he takes a girl over his knee and spanked her. She REALLY like that scene and I could tell she watched it a lot. This was back in the days of video tapes and she had it queued up right there.

    She asked for the spankings, but I found it hard to do. And even this is probably sexist of me, but I found the idea of striking a woman in any way terrible. I know, I know. I should feel just as comfortable hitting a woman as I would a man. But I can't feel that way and luckily I've been in no physical fights for maybe 30 years.

  • cofty
    I should feel just as comfortable hitting a woman as I would a man.

    No you shouldn't. Your instincts are correct.

    Equality of opportunity does not negate difference.

  • jws

    That was said to be sarcastic.

    And to perhaps point out a kind of double standard. People scream for equality in all things, but then don't really want it when you point out what that means. Even though in this case, the equality should be that you shouldn't hit anybody. Not that you should hit them both with equal frequency.

    And the situation I was in was a little different when a woman asks to be spanked. It was still against my nature and I held back a lot more than she wanted me to.

  • TerryWalstrom

    The last company I worked for supplied videos emphasizing the precise definition of sexual harassment.
    It went like this:
    IF the other person thinks what you said or did was harassing, IT WAS.
    I remember being a bit dumbfounded by such a subjective definition.
    I made the terrible mistake of asking, "Should we view our pay scale by the same standard?"
    The point I was missing (probably due to my age and social conditioning) is that certain people just don't get it.
    I still don't get the subjective part entirely, but that doesn't mean I'm exempt from observing company policy.
    One fellow who worked at the same company seemed to get away with the most egregious behavior simply because his persona made him acceptable.
    He'd stand next to a female worker who has hunkered down shelving books on lower shelves (we were a bookstore) and pretended to unzip his pants as he said, "Hey--while you're down there--could you do me a favor?"
    His name was Alan, and no female employee ever found his actions degrading or insulting. Therefore: I guess they weren't.
    But, REALLY?

  • sir82

    His name was Alan, and no female employee ever found his actions degrading or insulting.

    How do you know? Did they tell you specifically, "Alan did his thing, but I don't find it degrading or insulting"?

    Or are you interpreting their lack of comment to you, specifically, as acceptance of his behavior?

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    It is still a man's world no matter what you say. 'Nuff said.

    Dismissive JW: Everyone in the world is bad and no matter what youi say, we are Gods chosen people...'Nuf said.

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