New commentary on revelation coming up?

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  • hildebrando

    Source: A pro- Watchtower, José Antonio Gutiérrez García.

  • Listener

    If this is factual I would guess that they will release it at the Annual meeting. It would be a little embarrassing for them to release it at' an assembly when they won't want to give everyone a printed copy.

  • Dunedain

    IF this IS true, and this current regime of nitwits are attempting a Revelation book, then we may very well be witnessing THE book that may be one of the final "nails" in WBT$'s "coffin".

    This book could very well cause the "tipping" point in MANY of the 40 year olds, and older, in the Borg, to FINALLY throw in the towel.

    This book will be the "blessing" we have all been waiting for. They do NOT have the "expertise" to craft a coherent, logical, examination of Revelation, AND one in which they will be trying to FIT the JW religion/idealogy into.

    When they tried with the first book, to FIT themselves, including conventions, arbitrary dates, and other nonsense, into the "prophesies" of Revelations, they failed miserably. This attempt will be an utter crap show, most likely laugh out loud, at its weakest moments, and mouth gasping, at its crazy moments.

    I can almost guarantee it will NOT be a verse by verse, but probably a "chunk by chunk" version of dissecting Revelations. There will be a lot of "cherry picking", and sweeping many verses under the carpet. It will be like a 5th grader trying to write a "deep" thinking, interpretation of Revelation, and with also trying to add the 5th graders immediate family into the book, as "symbolic" equals of its main characters. It will be a complete fail.

    This is the same GB that "charted" and "graphed", the new overlapping generation horseshit. We all know how that went, lol.

    However, remember, this GB's overlapping generation bullcrap, is STILL contributing to many, many, JW's "waking up". Like I said earlier, especially, many JW's that were born ins, and in their 40's, or older. Can you imagine, this GB's attempt at a Revelations book. It will be, pure and utter NONSENSE, and it WILL also wake up MANY.

    I can see the idiotic charts, and graphs, now, being confusing, and un-readable. The basic discussions will be forced, and contrived. The pictures will be emotionally driven, and scary. The best will be, that because they will keep second guessing themselves, it will all be done in "broad strokes", and "sweeping" explanations, and will come across as nonsense. They will be AFRAID to include the U.N., and directly saying what modern institutions are symbolized by the "beasts", and "prophesies".

    It will be a watered down, juvenile, attempt, that will only contribute to members waking up, and scratching their heads. It will undermine the GB's authority, and "power", and show that the ONLY "holy spirit" directing these people is the gas they have from last nights tacos.

    These are exciting times my friends. This GB's attempt at a Revelation book will be the "trumpet sounds", and "pouring out of bowls", all symbolizing their OWN end, not anything elses. This will be the REVELATION of their own destruction, and while very much alive, they will be throwing THEMSELVES into the "lake of fire", simply by writing THIS book.

  • Lieu

    Yeah, yeah. I sit a Queen and will never know widowhood. Bye whore.

  • wifibandit

    I say it is fake. At least the Diagram.

    Here is that diagram showing up 2 years ago:

    Someone there said:

    That chart is from "The Restored Church of God" (Herbert W. Armstrong)

    But I was not able to find a source.

    I did find the same diagram in Spanish and Russian.

    Still no hits on the cover. I'll keep digging.

  • stuckinamovement

    What do the 7 butt trumpets mean for you? Attend the annual meeting and find out!

  • Island Man
    Island Man

    If they ever redo Revelation I'm betting they will never put it in print but make it available only in electronic format - so they can easily change it.

  • Esse quam videri
    Esse quam videri

    It would be filled with the ultimate Watchtower insanity. [Current understanding]

  • David_Jay

    Not just the fake chart that has been grabbed from a different source is a strike against this, the cover design screams "baloney" for several reasons. I used to a graphic designer and typographer, and here is what is wrong:

    1. Condensed type on a book cover is a rookie move. English readers cannot easily make out the tall, slim shapes of condensed sans serif type with ease. These types of fonts are decorative, not for cover titles. Not only that, but in this case the title is tiny, taking up not even 1/4 of the cover size. The Watchtower may be many things, but stupid about design and printing they are not. The fact that the secondary title is smaller and thus gets slimmer in the process (another reason you don't use condensed sans serif fonts this way) tells me this is a fake.

    2. The book design does not match the corporate signature of other Watchtower books. Go to the official website and look at the design of the books. Not only are the titles clear and large, but the designs are simple and clear. This is hard to look at, read, and hard to make out. Either the Watchtower is adopting a new design standard or this is a fake.

    I would have been fired for making a cover look like this when I was a typesetter and designer. There are rules to page and cover design. The colors used alone are "no-no's" in a big way.

  • EdenOne

    The secondary title sounds fishy to me. Unless I'm unfamiliar with the new RNWT terminology, shouldn't it read "Come To The Mountain Of The House Of Jehovah", as per the text of Isaiah 2:1?

    As opposed to the spurious 'Jehovah's Mountain' ?


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