New commentary on revelation coming up?

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  • sir82

    I predict it will be a fairly slim book which only focus on what's most important from their perspective (Armageddon is coming really soon and it will be really bad).

    Exactly. They did the same with the "God's Kingdom Rules" book, which is an ultra-condensed and highly sanitized version of the (already sanitized) "Proclaimers" book.

    IF they do it, it won't be a verse-by-verse commentary as before, but will pick only certain "highlights" and just ignore the stuff they don't care about (trumpet blasts, etc.).

    The days of writing in-depth scriptural analysis is long past. From here on it's listicles and scolding lessons on behavior control.

  • OverlappingGeneralizations

    Well, when "Digging for Spiritual Gems" leaked, I demanded that name was too dumb to be real. I was wrong.

    So now I will patiently wait and see. I highly doubt an actual book will be released. They'll want an online-only version so they can change the wording without having to print a "corrections" insert like that had to do last time.

  • suavojr

    Another book about the end of the end? lol

  • Londo111

    Recently, they've updated the "two witnesses" of Revelation 11 to the Governing Body of 1918/1919. I'm assuming the "John Class" will become the Governing Body as well.

  • steve2

    I always thought the title of the earlier book on Revelation was oddly inappropriate:

    "Revelation - It's Grand Climax At Hand"

    That title could pass for a discourse on masturbation - that would be truly revelatory.


    The GB are soooo dumb/smart.. Dumb, because they say there are no types/anti-types, and then they ex-Splane how the "rattling" bones of Elijah were prophetic of the "one true religion."

    They are smart, becuase they know that ignorant, bigoted, fearful, myopic, sycophant Dubs will believe whatever they say.

    Hey, remember the "Silver Sword", the best bible EVER??? It's the best because it's the only one that the "FDS" was really involved in preparing. ( Sorry NWT, you SUCK.... ) So what if Micha 6:8 was purposely mistranslated and there are mistakes....

    Just think about how AWESOME a new "Revelation Book" will be!!! It will be sooooo AMAZE-BALLS!!! If the GB are involved, instead of solving the child-rape issues and making BILLIONS in Real Estate, the new book just has to be the BEST! Oh, Golly!!! I can't f***ing wait!!!

    Maybe the Giza Pyramid really does tell us how to get to Hoboken! 😑

    DD ( Friggin Watchtards...... 😔 )

  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    I want to think of the book of Revelations as a result of a mushroom trip John experienced when in that island. The stuff in it is quite psychedelic-trippie-like.😆


  • RodrigoGuerreiro

    I'm waiting for the corrobation of this rumor to. When I saw the book cover my first instinct was towords to the fake rumor. The cover design looks outdated and very different of the current standards, also this diagram wasn't new. Many years ago my dad give me a photocopy of a similar diagram translated to Portuguese...

  • Lieu

    I don't think Rvelations is all that difficult. It's pretty much Isaiah, Daniel, and Ezekiel combined.

    But you know the Writing department. They have no contextual knowledge of the Bible at all. They've had so much fun taking scriptures out of context to fit some whack nut view for so long, their reality is a fantasy of their own drunken minds.

    It should be loads of fun to read.

  • steve2
    "I don't think Rvelations is all that difficult. It's pretty much Isaiah, Daniel, and Ezekiel combined."

    Difficulty? I would have thought a better word is "Impossibility". Trying to decipher the utterances of a writer clearly under the influence of a paranoid delusion is, really, anyone's guess. But this has never stopped countless earnest men - and a few women - from trying down through the centuries. The net is awash with current examples.

    Revelation is a playground for simple-minded imaginations, cultic and otherwise. It is laughable how Biblical commentators have for centuries had a field day with applying its ejaculatory ramblings to every conceivable facet of "present" life on earth...only to have successive generations re-write the explanations.

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