Donated Jewelry -- where is it sold?

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  • anon123

    Dio, that's exactly where I am coming from.

    all my grandmother's heirloom jewelry GONE!!!!

  • LV101

    Exactly, cha ching -- their constant begging for anything from Timex watches to estates makes me sick! Poor JWs trying to donate everything possible to the crooks.

    I was in an organization that hounded us for our jewelry to sell at their yearly money-making yard sale - they'd blather off same line how our children/family don't/won't want it (liars!) because styles change and they have their own taste, etc., etc., all canned begging - especially silver because it needs polishing and guess who was at the yard sale grabbing up diamond-stud earrings, anything gold to silver/pewter, for themselves and their daughters/granddaughters/nieces! I wasn't about to donate jewelry, plus my time and money. Same line would be repeated constantly to a few of us in private trying to make us feel guilty.

  • anon123

    anybody have any ideas?

    All my grandmother's heirloom jewelry GONE!

    not to mention my mother's jewelry. She's the Witness!

    so sad!

  • Done

    Can't we just call and ask? I'm sure they'll tell us the truth

  • jwfacts

    Up to about 7 years ago, my mother used to sell the jewelry that was donated to Bethel. Dad was a CO and would go to Bethel twice a year to do the audit. Mum would be assigned to deceased estates. She would take the jewelry to the city and sell it to some place that bought it in bulk.

  • LV101

    anon123 -- sorry -- so sad and I wish you had legal right to do something but religious laws in this country with their snake oil is so hard to deal with. Believe me -- if it's not a religion grabbing the assets/jewelry, etc., its greedy family members who have no consideration or regard for the rest of the deceased's relatives. W/T knows once they die they won't see the goods unless they're grabbed from the members while they're breathing -- lying to them about the end coming any second so they don't have time to question their fantasies. It's plain wrong.

  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman

    One of the posters on this forum wrote a story and posted it several years ago.

    It was a tantalizing read. It was entitled "The Opal Ring".

    The ending was a real possibility.

    It was dealing with the OP's premise of what happens to donated jewelry.

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