this weeks video on older ones stepping down

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  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    yes. sure. any video would be really appreciated, and beneficial. Please.

  • eyeuse2badub

    They don't 'step down'. They get kicked to the curb. Then some of them get their 15 minutes of glory by being "privileged" to appear in a watchtower video.

    "Thanks for the 30-40 years of service you 'good for nothing' slave! Oh and "Good luck" you're on you're own! Stay warm and well fed!"

    Agape' from the governing body.

    just saying!

  • Spiral

    LHG, you are correct, no one should have to answer to anyone else about how they make a living. Except.... in the congregation, where everyone's business is open for discussion. I know a couple of situations where from the stage poverty was preached, but on the side plans were made to make money, and children went to college.

    One I know even refuses to help out elderly parents who spent their life "in the truth", because it's stressful and takes too much time and effort.

    In the real world, this type of hypocrisy is easily spotted and ignored (or denounced). But for many JWs, they still take the poverty message seriously, even when their leaders have provided for themselves.

    But - there's no helping someone who can't see this for themselves.

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